Is Jet Delay About A Mavs 3-Way For Calderon?

The Jet-to-Celts sign-and-trade concept. ... The Dallas renouncing Jet story. ... The news there would be no Mavs-Celts S&T. ... Ready for one more exclusive? Despite the machinations, there might be another trick up Dallas' sleeve. ‘We're always open to ideas,' a Mavs exec tells us, and here's an ‘anything': a multi-way S&T that brings Calderon to Dallas at a cost of maybe just DoJo:

Having broken the aforementioned stories on the Dallas Mavericks' dealings with Jason Terry and his soon-to-be new team the Celtics, we'd pretty much closed the books on the idea of the Mavs turning Jet's departure into an asset of sorts.

Indeed, at 11:50 a.m. Saturday, a Mavs source advised us that the rights to Jet had been renounced. Meanwhile, Terry was in Boston conducting a press conference ... even though he hadn't technically signed his new three-year deal worth about $5 mil a season with the Celtics.

At 12:44 p.m. we asked another question of another Mavs official and got an answer that on the surface seemed to collide with the "renouncing'' statement.

"Don't think so,'' said the source of a Boston sign-and-trade. "But we're always open to ideas.''

So why isn't Jet's Celtics signing official yet? Since the Mavs are looking at other options to fill their roster (including the Scola amnesty idea, searching for a shooter and the Delonte room-MLE idea), it's just a matter of logistics and paperwork, right?

Or ...

What the Mavs renounced was Jet's Bird rights (the special ability to sign him and special ability to offer more money) -- not the player himself. The Mavs, as we write this, still have the ability to sign him, via another method. And as their own free agent they can use him in a sign-and-trade if they have a way to do the "sign" part of the process.

So we believe they still have their eyes on a sign-and-trade ... but not a transaction with just Boston ... and not just one that brings back Celtics junk ... but instead brings back a prize in Jose Calderon.

From yet another Mavs exec: "We don't want anything back. Having room is more important.''
But again, he's talking about Boston's "anything back.'' Pietrus, say.

Boston is getting Jet. But Boston needs a Jet sign-and-trade so it can add both Courtney Lee and Jet ... but they presently only have one MLE to give.

Toronto wants off of Calderon's salary - especally if you can take him in a way that gets them a big TE, and saves them money.

The Mavs like Calderon, a starting-caliber PG (though one less needed now that Dallas has Collison). Calderon -- who wants out of Toronto now that the Raptors have acquired new PG Lowry -- last year averaged 10.5 points and 8.8 assists per game and, in accordance with "Plan Powder,'' has just one year left on his deal paying him $10.5 mil.

And all the Mavs might have to do here is swap out some botton-of-the-roster bodies (and use up the remaining $4.5 mil of cap room) to get it done.

Here's how it would work....

*First trade:

Mavs trade DoJo to a team that can and will take him for nothing. That adds about $800,000 of cap room, pushing the Mavs to 5,300,344 in room.

*Second trade:

a - The Mavs use the room to sign JET with a starting salary at about 5.27M in a S&T to Boston.
b - They also sign-and-trade Yi and Cardinal to minimum-salary deals with one year guaranteed, and send them to Toronto.

c - Boston sends Dooling to Toronto in a sign-and-trade at approximately $2.6 mil with only one year guaranteed, and also sends out Sean Williams (non-guaranteed) to Toronto, where he is likely to be waived. (If Boston can't qualify for a 150% trade, they would also have to send out the non-guaranteed Moore to Toronto).

d - Toronto sends Calderon to Dallas

For what they've sent:

* Boston gets JET and their MLE back

* Toronto gets Dooling to be their backup PG, their existing TE is reduced from 7.6M to 5M, but they also get a new 10.5M TE as they've wanted. And they save about $6 million in salary this season.

* Dallas gives up virtually nothing and gets Calderon.

There remain lots of concepts in play here: What if Toronto, which is now getting Landry Fields, decides to amnesty Calderon? What if Dallas decides winning Scola is the priority? What if it takes more than DoJo to pull this off?

We believe these concepts are in play and might just explain the delay.

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