Mavs Exclusive With 'Fired-Up' Dirk

'I'm fired up to get started again,' Dirk Nowitzki tells and 105.3 The Fan in an exclusive interview to launch Mavs training camp. ‘I like our potential. I think we're going to be tough to beat.' Here's the inside stuff from The UberMan on his marriage, his new teammates, his departed ‘brothers' and the upcoming ‘circus' that is part of why he's so ‘fired up':

When Dirk Nowitzki reintroduced himself at Dallas Mavericks Media Day on Friday, I asked him why photogs even needed to bother with more pictures of him.

"Yeah, why can't they just use any of the pictures from my last 85 years?'' he joked.

More good stuff from The UberMan:
On his summer vacation with new wife Jessica:

"It was great. We got married like five times over the summer ... traveling everywhere. It was a great summer. The great thing is I didn't touch the ball for three-and-a-half months, just to get away. I'm fired up to get started again.''

On the wholesale changes of this year's roster:

"Yeah, it's different. Obviously I'm a little disappointed to lose the warriors we had. We've been through a lot with Kidd and Jet over the years. Always tough to see teammates go. But we did some nice moves.

"We got younger on the perimeter, which was always a goal the last couple of years. Kaman should be a great scorring option for us. We got some nice pieces in. I like the potential. Looking forward to going to battle with these guys. I think we're going to be a tough team to beat.''

On how the departure of Jason Kidd went down:

"J-Kidd had to make a decision for himself and for his family, for what he thought was best for him. He knows we would've loved to have him back and to retire here in a Mavs uniform. Can't blame him. He asked me my option, I said, ‘If you have another opportunity for something else go for it.' He felt it was something he needed to go and I wish him luck. He'll always be family.
On buddy Steve Nash being a Laker:

"It'll definitely look weird seeing him in a Lakers uniform. That's the way it goes. I'm happy for him. He got a great contract for a 38-year old. Only thing missing from resume is a championship. Obviously, they got a team that is stacked, full of All-Stars. They have as good a shot as anybody. I'm sure they're gonna be great.''

On Dallas' free-agency disappointment:

"Summer is always full of surprises. That's what free agency is all about. No one knows what's going to happen. We were hoping Deron would come here … it is what it is.''

On what excites him going forward:

"We get another run at it! It was a disappointing way that we lost last year. We had a great shot of stealing one at OKC. That was the first time in my career of getting swept, and it didn't feel great. So I got away during the summer ...
"But now I've been in the gym since July to run and lift to keep my body right. I know O.J.'s been in gym every day since July, and Kaman got here in July and was in the gym also to keep their bodies right. I heard everybody worked hard in Sept – I went back to Germany to work with my coach (Holger Geschwindner) the last four weeks. But the new guys were all here Sept. 1 and are in good shape.

On the upcoming trip to Europe for games at Barcelona and Berlin:

"I suppose I'm going to need 100 tickets. … It's great for me to go home … a great experience. … It's going to be a circus.''

On the Media Day photography session, when a photo asked him to pose in a defensive stance: "I don't have a defensive stance!''

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