Mavs 1-On-1: Delonte As 'Brother Redd Bush'

Which one of Delonte's 'multiple personalities' shows up for our 1-on-1 Video Visit? Premium Mavs Fans get a kooky treat as we meet imaginary pals 'Brother Redd Bush,' 'Mustafa' and 'Charlee Redz.' And Delonte dances a Bon Jovi jig, too!

Delonte West has a variety of potential roles with this year's Dallas Mavericks. He's a proven NBA starter (and winner) at the point. He can serve as a scoring 2-guard. Dallas can use him as its first guard off the bench.

And maybe most of all, Delonte can provide an unusual brand of leadership, as I discuss with him ... and with his imaginary friends "Brother Redd Bush,'' "Mustafa'' and "Charlee Redz'':

This is called 'the Brother Redd Bush' right here, know what I mean?,'' Delonte says when I ask him about his scruffy look. "This is 'the Brother Redd Bush.' I'm gonna rock that throughout the preseason. I've got a little 'Mustafa' going on.

And once the season starts?

"I'm gonna go 'Charlee Redz,''' he says. "That's what the fans like best.''

Delonte notes of his summer of uncertainty before eventually re-upping with Dallas, "The fans have to realize it's a business. Now what we're trying to do here with the Mavs is get back to a championship level. The team has done a good job with guards, size, speed, youth … We've made some great additions and changes. I'm glad to be a part of it.''

Would he like to start? Of course. As he says, "I've been in the league nine years, maybe seven of the nine I've been a starter as a point guard or an off-guard. That's what we need here in Dallas: Fifteen guys giving maximum effort every night.''

Delonte does that, and maybe that makes him an unorthodox-buy-effective leader.

"It's all about handling sitiuations the right way,'' he says. "We've got some young guys here, excited to be here and to play with Dirk. Examples of trials and tribulations from all aspects, that's all I can pass along.''
And in the end, you reap the rewards, which in Delonte's case, meant a summer highlighted by hanging out at the Backyard Birthday Bash thrown by Mark Cuban for wife Tiffany Cuban.

"I didn't get an invitation,'' Delonte says, insisting that he simply crashed the party at Cuban's mansion. "Before I knew it I was in there dancing to Bon Jovi.''

No invitation for Delonte, yet I assume he showed up with his entire posse, which would seem to include "Brother Redd Bush,'' "Mustafa'' and "Charlee Redz.''

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