Bulls Crush Mavs In Predictable Manner

Before hitting the road this week, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle philosophized, 'You get what you demand and you encourage what you tolerate.' On Wednesday in Chicago, the demands were again not met. The level of tolerance is being pushed. Chicago 101, Mavs 78, and amid changes and platitudes, two losing streaks are born.

"You get what you demand and you encourage what you tolerate.''

It belongs on a bumper sticker ... no, no, better, in golden lettering upon an iconic and centuries-tested statue. It's the sort of thing that Shakespeare would write and that Lombardi would get credit for.
But how do you cause it to apply when you oppose these Bulls? Oh, this is a Bulls team that entered Wednesday's contest one game below .500 (at 6-7) just as was the case with the Dallas Mavericks, who with Tuesday's loss at Philly dipped below .500 as a franchise for the first time since Game 9 of last year's Odious Odom Era. But this is a Bulls franchise that in three consecutive meetings has dismantled the Dallas offense. Three straight meetings, three straight in which the Mavs haven't shot over 40 percent, three straight in which the Mavs haven't scored over 83, three straight in which the Mavs were the inferior club.

Make it four straight.

Actually, Dallas shot just 35 percent and never seemed destined to sniff 83 points ... or a win.

The Mavericks' issues were exacerbated by the absence of Darren Collison, made inactive for the game with a sprained right middle finger. DC underwent X-rays and they were negative. But the steady declining circumstances of Collison in the last 24 hours -- from starter going into Philly to benched to playing well for three quarters to being part of the fourth-quarter turnover barrage to being angry in the locker room to, well, this:

Derek Fisher is about to be your new Mavs point guard.

"I think he can really help our situation with experience, defensively and really all areas of the game,'' Carlisle said of Fisher. "Right now the point guard position is a challenge.''

Dominique Jones made his second straight start at PG, and for all his ups and down, this third straight loss and this D-Fish acquisition isn't his fault. In fact, DoJo's been competent enough that if you want to ponder whether his elevation is some sort of trade showcase, ponder away. The only problem with the concept is that with DC unavailable (and struggling since the team's 4-1 start), the Mavs needed to BRING IN a point guard, not ship one off.

So you start kicking around names like Derek Fisher and you settle on the five-time NBA champ even as you start wishing Delonte West wouldn't have dipped his financial discontent into so much hot sauce.

Another change. Another re-gathering. More self-assessment. And you have a club left to console itself with the muttered fact that this was a "scheduled loss'' of sorts.
Second night of a b-2-b. Bulls trying to prove that the other night's blown 27-point lead to the Bucks was a fluke, and no Dirk, of course.

The Mavs are 2-6 on the road and have now lost eight of their last 11. They have accomplished that unfortunate mark in all variety of ways. At this moment, losing a tight game in Philly almost seems like a treat for a club that in Rick's first three seasons here was 55-22 in "close'' (five-points-or-fewer) games.

Here, the Mavericks never even got close. Maybe it's the road, where Dallas is averaging more than 10 points fewer than it is at home (105.3). Maybe it's Dirk or it's Collison or it's a "scheduled loss'' or it's the fact that in the last four games against the Bulls, the Mavs are averaging 80.25 points.

"You get what you demand and you encourage what you tolerate.''

It's a powerful philosophy being wasted on a bunch that against the last three opponents cannot shoot, score or win, and that against Chicago in four straight meeting suffers from the same failings.

More on what's happening with the Mavs coming all night, including the signing of Derek Fisher, being discussed here now on DB.com Boards!

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