Who Deserves 'Dirkie' For Mavs Over Pistons?

It was 'Seats for Soldiers' night, always an AAC inspiration to all. Also helpful: a home game against a Detroit team that's 1-10 on the road. For a half, things were too interesting. But a lot of fellas pitched in for a 92-77 Dallas win. So, you vote: Who Deserves 'The Dirkie'?

It was 'Seats for Soldiers' night. Phew, it was also a home game against a team that is, to put it kindly, in rebuilding mode. For a half, things were interesting. The Other Big D got some good stuff going, the good guys did some of those silly things that we're getting way too used to seeing around here, and whaddaya know, the game's more than half over and the Mavs are down 11. Then a little slump-busting took place, Detroit regressed to their mean, there's the horn and it's in the bag, 92-77.

A Dallas Mavericks thing of basketball beauty? Not by a long shot. But wins are like kids -- they're all beautiful when they're yours.

One Dirkie, on the way, for the 8-9 Mavs ... and you get to vote here for Player of the Game!

Some candidates:

OJ Mayo -- leads all scorers with 27, 6-9 from deep

Chris Kaman -- starting center notches 10 and 3

Elton Brand -- big and juicy 17 and 12 double-double

Vince Carter -- 12 points plus five assists

Darren Collison -- 5 points, 8 dimes, zero turnovers

Shawn Marion -- 7 points, 9 boards, 2 steals, tricksey

Bernard James -- 6 and 3, salute

Jae Crowder -- 4 and 4 plus three steals

Derek Fisher -- new Old Man debut, 2 and 3

Dahntay Jones -- off the bench with 2 and 1

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