Mavs Podcast (Not Starring Colin Cowherd)

We can't say 'We heard it' on an ESPN national radio show because we'd rather spend three hours on the phone with our ex-mothers-in-law than listen to Colin Cowherd talk Mavs. But we did 'hear about it.' And here is our retaliatory promise: You'll get more Mavs info (and Mavs goofin' around) in 30 minutes of the Mavs Podcast than you'll get in 30 days of any national radio show.

Expertise on the subject of the Dallas Mavericks? It's the way The 75-Member Staff rolls. So Fish, Kevin Brolan, Roy White and Mike "The Machine'' Marshall do that thing they do here ...

If you are interested in hearing ESPN's Colin Cowherd call Dirk Nowitzki "soft'' and insist that the Dallas title was "won without a center'' and how much Colin can powerlift ... well, like we say to unfortunate types here in Texas, "Bless Your Heart.''

If you would like to roll with The Mavs Podcast ... roll here:

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