DB.com Mavs Podcast: Crotch Kicks & Massages

We've taken some crotch kicks this first half-year, Mavs fans ... and that was our feeling right about at tipoff for the Portland game as we collected in the luxurious DallasBasketball.com Conference Room and Massage Parlor for this week's DB.com Mavs Podcast! That's right: Crotch kicks and massages.

The Dallas Mavericks are starting to see Dirk Nowitzki round into form ... but too often, when The UberMan experiences an "up'' a teammate or four counterbalance it with a ''down.''

That, of course, is not how we roll on the DB.com Mavs Podcast, where this week Kevin Brolan, Roy White and Mike "The Machine'' Marshall all bring their A games ...

Do understand, of course, that "A games'' are relative as The 75-Member Staff is graded on a curve.

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