'Screwed!'? Warriors Finish Mavs 100-97

'We put ourselves in position,' Dallas coach Rick Carlisle said Thursday, 'and I don't know what you want to call it at the end, 'unlucky,' 'screwed.' It happened.' Yes, Warriors 100, Mavs 97 happened. And it happened with some unfamiliar griping but in some familiar ways.

A late night in the Bay Area for the Dallas Mavericks started with some bad news: Dirk Nowitzki of the Mavericks was ruled out due to a muscle strain, something I will suggest right now might just linger for a bit.

But GS was without Stephen Curry, too. So there was no reason for Dallas to be unworthy of taking this road game right down to the last shot, the last call, the last second ...


And if you follow this year's Mavs, you can guess how it worked out ...


"Cant wait to see what the NBA says about this no call with 2 secs left," Mavs owner Mark Cuban tweeted after a furious 13-0 comeback was stalled when, with 20 seconds left and Dallas trailing by one, Brandan Wright received the ball in the paint and rose for the shot but had the ball stripped from him by Andrew Bogut.

Sound defense? There is a good argument for that. Wright as the go-to guy in the clutch? I'd like to hear the weird arguments for that. Frustration boiling over -- because of how frequently this sort of thing happens to this team? Certainly, especially on Cuban's part.

But Carlisle, too?

"We put ourselves in position,'' Rick said, "and I don't know what you want to call it at the end, 'unlucky,' 'screwed.' ... It happened. ... The game came down to the play that wasn't called. Brandan Wright got hit on the arm and it was obvious.''

The Mavericks deserve some credit for pushing their way back into this thing, with that 13-0 run and a 9-0 run to close the third. They deserve some credit for milking some success out of Wright and Rodrigue Beaubois that fell through the net to end the period. They deserve some credit for rolling without Dirk (and without Kaman) and relying on O.J. Mayo (25 points, five rebounds and six assists), Vince Carter (22 points) and Shawn Marion (17 rebounds and 18 points).

They could use some humor, and Dirk provided that afterwards by telling Mavs.com that he could use "that good deer-antlers thing.''

But most of all, based on Carlisle's comments, what these Mavs really need, what they really think they deserve, is a break.

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