'No-Dumbasses-Allowed' DB.com Mavs Podcast

The theme of this week's DB.com Mavs Podcast: 'Be Disappointed. Be Disillusioned. But Don't Be A Dumbass.' We're prepared to tell it like it is regarding this team, this plan, this superstar ... but if you allow dunderheaded disrespect to come out of your Mavs mouth, the DB.com Podcast is prepared to slap you silly.

This is a painful process for the Dallas Mavericks and MFFLs everywhere. Our poor put-upon leader at DallasBasketball.com, Fish, has to endure Twitter taunts from DFW sports fans with short memories and poor grammar, so many of whom are failing to recall that Dallas won a title just a relatively few months ago ...

With that in mind, Fish, Mike Marshall and Roy White roll out this week's DB.com Mavs Podcast ...

"Be Disappointed. Be Disillusioned. But Don't Be A Dumbass.''

Come talk about the Mavs and the Podcast with Mavs fans just like you who AREN'T dumbasses on DB.com Boards!

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