DB.com Mavs Podcast At The Deadline

The Mavs' second 'half' (if 'half' can be a 30-game piece of an 82-game season) is upon us. So is the grumbling over trade-deadline moves made and not made. The DB.com Mavs Podcast rides along, complete with funny music, Dirk love and inappropriate name-calling. Podcast your way through the days and nights with DallasBasketball.com!

The Dallas Mavericks have launched into the second "half'' (if "half'' can be a 30-game piece of an 82-game season). They are also bridging the deadline with a shortage of trade rumbles.

And we launch and rumble with them, broadcast professionals Mike "The Machine'' Marshall, Kevin Brolan, Roy Williams and Fish bringing you this week's DB.com Mavs Podcast complete with analysis, Dirk Nowitzki love, funny music and inappropriate name-calling.

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