'Painful' Tuesday Mavs Donuts

'It's the most painful thing that I've been through," Cuban says, and we feel his pain ... The best Mavs game review on the planet ... Was the NBA trade deadline really slow? ... Delonte's return (kind of) ... Not 'Dirk's team' ... Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Oh, the pain ...

The Dallas Mavericks are causing Mark Cuban some pain.

"It's the most painful thing that I've been through," Cuban said, speaking Friday at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston. "It's like having a company that's going out of business."
DONUT 2: Not 'Dirk's Team' ...

I mean, it's "his team'' in terms of his stature and such. But in Houston, a game Dirk Nowitzki and company had to have, The UberMan took eight shots.

As we write here in our Mavnalysis: History tells us this is the symptom of a blowout … this marks the 17th instance in Dirk's career that he's played at least 25 minutes and taken eight or less shots. The Mavs are 10-7 in those games, either winning by an average of 14.5 points, or losing by an average of 18.3.

Only one of these games was decided by five points or less: a three-point loss to the Kings back in 1999.

So yes. When the franchise is right, Dirk can take just eight shots in a given game because it's probably because his teammates are crushing the opponent without him.

But with this bunch? What happened Sunday, whether a result of a defense imposing its will, an offense inept at getting the ball to its most lethal weapon in advantageous situations, or a player simply continuing to display the selflessness that defines a portion of his greatness ... Dirk taking eight shots doesn't feel like a recipe for success.

"Dirk Nowitzki needs to take 18 to 22 shots a game,'' Fox Sports Southwest analyst Bob Ortegel tells us, adding, "and he needs to touch the ball substantially more than that. It's got to go through him.''

It doesn't. Not often enough. So in this sense, the 2012-13 Mavs might as well be labeled "Mike James' team.'' Or, given the grabbag nature of the search for answers that have never been found, "Eddy Curry's team,'' for that matter.

DONUT 3: The review of Mavs-at-Houston ...

It's the best coverage available, it's one-click and it's all right here, as has been our case in covering the Mavs for 14 years at DallasBasketball.com: Rockets "bury'' Mavs -- in more ways that one.

DONUT 4: Will the Bulls strip down? ...

Our David Lord leads a smart Premium discussion of Bulls attitudes (cheap?) and assets (Rose, Noah, Boozer and Deng) and how Mavs could swoop in this summer.

We're exploring ways to use Plan Powder to acquire Derrick Rose? Really?

Yes. Really. Not in the form of a "news story'' because it isn't that. (Imagine the ill-gotten website hits had I positioned this otherwise or included Rose in the headline?!) But rather, in the form of a creative discussion involving the Capologist master of D-Lord ...

So, yes, we're exploring ways to use Plan Powder to acquire Derrick Rose.
DONUT 5: What is SportVU?...

It will not surprise you to learn that if there is something called SportVU that offered technology to help teams gather data ... the Mavs are in on it.

From Yahoo: "SportVU positions six special video cameras above the basketball court at different angles to capture, record and store tons of in-game information — player movement, referee movement, ball movement; where, how and how fast players are running; where, how and how fast passes are thrown; etc. Recording all that movement in high definition at 25 frames per second, every second, for an entire game makes for an awful lot of data points — 1 million individual records per game, in fact, according to STATS' Brian Kopp.''

If it is your view that the Mavs have all this advancement, all this technology, all these big brains, all this best-in-the-business medical and physical and mental and basketball personnel and equipment and facilities and now, just need to use it all to hurry to get back to the familiar 50-win level ...

Well, yes. That is sort of the point.

DONUT 6: Beware! ...

My latest "Beware Of HoopsWorld Alert":

It is written: "The Dallas Mavericks will pursue free agent Brandon Jennings this summer and Jennings admits there's mutual interest.''

You will recall the pre-deadline buzz about Dallas' interest in the Bucks guard. That interest was serious enough to merit our comparison of Jennings vs. Collison. (Worth noting: This was DC at the top of his statistical game -- something that hasn't occured often enough this year, I say, to merit the idea of him as a No. 1 PG on a title contender. But that's a tale for another day.)
You will also recall Jennings being asked about Dallas last week on a trip through town and responding, "Who wouldn't want to play in an environment like this every night? You've got an owner who's so into his team and everything like that. Every time you see the Mavs, you see him cheering or going crazy. They won a championship. They're about winning.''

Does that factually mean Dallas WILL pursue the restricted FA this summer? Is there a source to this story? If a Mavs official stated this to HoopsWorld, shouldn't a source be cited? And if a Mavs official stated this to a news outlet, wouldn't this be due a tampering investigation?

The answers: No. No. Yes. Yes.

It may be logical. It may happen. But to write "Dallas will pursue Jennings'' as a news story is factually, ethically and journalistically wrong.


DONUT 7: Going up? ...

Dirk thinks something in Brooklyn called a "bus elevator'' is "sweet.''

DONUT 8: Want more Mavs? ...

We've got the best and deepest coverage of the Mavs available anywhere ... take our free seven-day trial and then get your Mavs gold for pennies! ... Go Mavs and Go Premium!

By the way, we take that same focus that we provide on the Mavs here on DB.com and apply it to the Mavs and the Cowboys on 105.3 The Fan. Listen live here for some Fish on Football and for breaking Mavs stuff, too ... throughout today and every day ... and we'll take you inside the teams in every possible way!

DONUT 9: "Slow deadline''? Not exactly ...

It continues to be billed as 'the slowest trade deadline ever.'


The motives were different, but the actually number of trades - including Dallas' pickup of Anthony Morrow - mirrors almost exactly the activity of the previous two years. Now, what was gained in the deals? We look at the dollars and sense of all of them here in this Premium piece.

DONUT 10: Thanks to our sponsors! ...
A tip of the cap of appreciation to Frisco Party Station and Red Rock Bar & Grill! They help make DB.com what it is ... thanks, guys!

DONUT 11: Another shot for Delonte ...

Legends owner Donnie Nelson isn't giving Delonte West another shot at the big club; D-West has run out of chances downtown, and you'll notice that for now, he's run out of chances in the NBA, too. (There are constantly rumors about the Lakers and Celtics calling him ... but there never comes the actually phone call.)

So here comes another crack at Frisco for Delonte, and I'm fascinated how fascinated we as Mavs fans are by this.

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

We'll leave the final words to old friend J.J. Barea, as long as you understand that these words are not safe for work, for children, or for Ray Allen:

First, this happened:

Then, this happened:


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