Tuesday Mavs-At-Lakers Donuts

Utah is 39-36. The Lakers are 38-36. The Mavs are 36-37. Yes, but ... Focus. One opponent at a time. One leapfrog at a time. 'As far as what other teams are doing, other than the next team we are playing, I could give a s---,' says Rick Carlisle, as profound as he is profane. Mavs Donuts:

DONUT 1: 'Win 'em all' ...

That's the way Dwight Howard is talking. But at we prep for tonight's Mavs-at-Lakers match, it's not fair to take his comments out of context. (Even as everyone is doing just that.

"We need every game," the Lakers center said. "We just got to come out and play with the right intensity, the right effort for 48 minutes and we should win all these games."
See how it's not fair to just quote him as saying, "We should win all these games''?

The standings do speak to that need -- for both of these teams. Utah is suddenly the most likely of the three pretenders to earn the No. 8 spot. ... especially because there is so little about Dallas or LA that suggests they really are going to go on a monster win streak to close the year.

To fulfill Dwight's wishes, LA would need a 9-0 run to close the regular season. Given that they've lost four of their past six, that seems unlikely.

DONUT 2: And, to be fair ...

And to be fair, Dallas seems just as capable of laying an egg (did you not watch the Clippers game?) as it does generating a memorable effort like the one witnessed Saturday afternoon at the AAC.

"Regardless of who the opponents are coming up, it's just important that we continue to fight and battle and stick together," coach Rick Carlisle said. "That's the rallying cry."

Speaking of that game: For the most complete coverage of Mavs 100, Bulls 98 -- complete with Video Visits with a bunch of fellas in the locker room -- bang it here!

And of course, late night and early morning, we'll have the same quality of coverage of Dallas Mavericks-at-Lakers!

DONUT 3: Does the NBA want the Lakers to make the playoffs? ...

Let's go to the infuriating 2013 Lakers/Refs Highlight Reed:

I'm no conspiracy theorist and would love to argue that an industrious video editor could come up with the same sort of lowlight reel showing a series of late-season game-ending calls that favor the Grizzlies or the Rockets or the Bucks or the Hornets.

But I'm not sure I believe that would be possible.

DONUT 4: Where to watch the games? ...

If you're hanging around north Dallas, may we suggest Red Rock Bar & Grill! They help make DB.com what it is ... and they'll have all the games playing on that incredible 200-inch screen, plus live music late, billiards, drink specials, the works! Go by and see Barry and tell him DB.com sent you!
Thanks, Red Rock Bar & Grill!!

DONUT 5: Injury update...

Mayo is going to play even with his bum shoulder. And for the Lakers? Nashie did not practice Monday. And in the previous two Lakers games, he scratched himself after trying to play due to a hammy problem.

"He's not completely out of the woods," Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni said of the "doubtful'' Nash. "We're going to be a little cautious with it."

Metta World Peace is also out (knee surgery) as is Jordan Hill (hip surgery). And then there is Kobe, dramatically milking whatever injury he is pretending is The Worst Injury Ever Overcome.

"My foot's f----- up, but other than that, I'm all right," Bryant said.

Ah, the Drama Queen!

DONUT 6: Dirk's Almond Milk ...

He drinks what, now? (It's in German and still sounds pretty cool) ...

Here's your DB.com Boards translation.

DONUT 7: How to win my Dirk 2010 All-Star Patch card ...

Come get me on Twitter! Quick takes plus your chance to win!

DONUT 8: Want more Mavs? ...

We've got the best and deepest coverage of the Mavs available anywhere ... take our free seven-day trial and then get your Mavs gold for pennies! ... Go Mavs and Go Premium!

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DONUT 9: Dairy Queen Update ...

Once upon a time, Mark Cuban nemesis Ed Rush was "unfit to run a Dairy Queen.'' As the NCAA is learning ... he remains as unfit as ever.

DONUT 10: It's always party time ...

At Frisco Party Station, that is. Robert and his family want to be your neighborhood party store, and with graduations coming up, Frisco Party Station has all your needs -- even goodies representing local colleges and high schools. Check 'em out!
DONUT 11: Good-hearted Lamar …

How's Lamar Odom's charity going?

In 2004, Odom founded Cathy's Kids, named after his mother who the NBA forward says died from cancer. But eight years of tax records reveal that Cathy's Kids never gave any grant money to cancer-related causes and that the charity primarily existed to finance two elite youth basketball travel teams. Of the $2.2 million raised by the charity, at least 60 percent -- $1.3 million -- went to those AAU teams.

Color me "not stunned.''

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

"National TV, Staples Center, Jack Nicholson courtside. I mean, it doesn't get any better than that." - Dirk Nowitzki.


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