Mavs Donuts: The Dirk Update

How's Dirk's ankle? ... 'Hope is not a plan.' And yet, part of the summer landscape for the Mavs is being prepared for if the chips fall in a favorable manner. So ... How we watched Madness ... Booing is not my thing. But who can argue against Mavs fans booing Odom, or Rangers fans booing Hamilton? Now, do you also boo their high-profile spouses? ... Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: How's Dirk's ankle? ...

The Dallas Mavericks took Monday off. They were back at practice on Tuesday, but Dirk was allowed to take a "light day.''

Our man Jeff Stotts (the official certified trainer of reviews the gamefilm from Portland and our initial coverage of the Dirk injury and concludes ...
It sounds like Nowitzki irritated bone spurs in his left ankle in the win over Portland. He has a history of bone spurs in both ankles.

Nowitzki needed a debridement procedure in 2002 to remove bone spurs in his left ankle. Dirk says he will "definitely'' play Wednesday against the Suns after exiting the Portland game and I agree: The latest injury shouldn't be considered severe.

DONUT 2: Carlisle's word ...

Nowitzki did not practice Tuesday due to the ankle. We think -- hope! -- "stiffness'' is now the biggest issue going forward.

"He did a little bit of stuff on the side today," coach Rick Carlisle told the media after Tuesday's work. "He's doing better. We don't consider this a serious thing. We're hopeful that he's going to play (Wednesday).''

DONUT 3: Your All-Access Pass ...

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DONUT 4: The Nowitzki Stat Watch ...

Stuff to watch for this week?

As if often the case, we watch for Dirk Nowitzki.

The UberMan is 53 points of the 25,000-points milestone. It's coming this season and when it does, The Future Bronze Statue Outside The AAC will become the 17th player in NBA history to reach 25K mark.

The exclusive company gets even more exclusive when we account for Nowitzki's coming membership in The 25,000-Points/9,000-Rebounds Club. Also in the fraternity: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O'Neal, Moses Malone, Elvin Hayes, Hakeem Olajuwon and Kevin Garnett).

DONUT 5: Hoping and planning ...

As Dirk himself once said, "I always liked to think you don't want to build your franchise on hope.'' In other words, "Hope is not a plan.'' And yet ... part of the summer landscape for the Mavs is, and must be, being prepared for if the chips fall in a potentially favorable manner.

So ... when Eric Gordon enters into a conflict with the Hornets, spurring trade rumors, we pay attention.
A "hope'' is different from a "plan.'' But both are useful, right?

DONUT 6: Meanwhile, inside the Clippers ...

While Dallas' "Plan Powder'' assets are frequently discussed in thoughts regarding Dwight Howard desiring to exit Lakers Paradise -- a notion we continue to view as unlikely -- we might as well also follow the drama in Clippers Paradise, where personality conflicts may put Chris Paul is summer evaluation mode.

Make no mistake. I'm not pumping sunshine here. I'm telling you to be as cognizant of potential chips falling as you want the Mavs front office to be.

And you do want the Mavs front office to be, right?

DONUT 7: How we watched March Madness ...

I watch college sports because it's the training ground for the sports I like. That is, pro basketball and pro football. In other words, to me, March Madness is basically a pre-Mavs Draft scrimmage.

In that spirit, take a look inside Jonathan Auping's piece on "What Mavs Fans Should Look For In The Final Four.'' When you see highlights, see the kids in this light.

By the way, wanna know what the Mavs think of the top three PGs who might be available in this draft? I'll get you started here.
DONUT 8: Want more Mavs? ...

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DONUT 9: Highest-scoring Mavs center ...

Four Mavs scored in double digits in Portland. Neither Dirk (six points) nor Mayo (seven points) was among them ... and the Mavs spent most of that game up 20.

Yes, it was a weird game, with the scoring load carried by the proudly weird Chris Kaman. Monday's Donuts breaks down Kaman's break-out game by the historical numbers, with the tireless Michael Dugat working with the Mavs Stats crew to check on who is the highest-scoring Mavs single-game scorer starting at center.
Turns out, it's not Kaman or Bradley or Perkins because officially, guess who started at center on Jan. 27, 2004? That would be Dirk, who scored 43 that night -- as a center -- against the Sonics.

DONUT 10: Thanks to our sponsors! ...

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DONUT 11: Booing the enemy ...

Booing is not my thing. But you have every right to include it in your fandom repetoire. Who can argue against Mavs fans booing Lamar Odom, or Rangers fans booing Josh Hamilton?

Now, do you also boo their high-profile spouses?

It seems ungentlemanly to me. But Khloe's celebrity is part of the Odom package. And Katie Hamilton is so hand-in-glove with her husband's departure from Arlington -- and so desirous of the spotlight -- that when he holds a press conference, it's also her press conference. And when he writes a book, she writes a book. And when he wants to tell his life story in a movie, it's also her life story. And when he wants to star in a Head & Shoulders TV commercial, she's also a "star'':

Katie alleges that you mistreated her (and her children) at the Ballpark this weekend as her honey's Angels were here for a visit. A parent with wisdom would've passed on exposing the kids to the predictable abuse, but here's where the Hamilton's story inches toward a desire for martyrdom:

It is the Hamiltons' claim that they were unable to avoid the unwashed masses on Friday because a Ballpark suite was unavailable. The man has unlimited funds and connections and couldn't borrow a suite? No suite owner had a price? Or, even easier: No corporate suite owner was willing to fulfill Katie's request that her babies be allowed to play Legos and watch "My Little Pony'' videos during the game?


An educated opinion from afar: Katie and Josh Hamilton enjoy the drama. They thrive on it. It, in fact, helps pay the bills.

Harrassing the children -- if that actually happened -- is inexcusable. Hooting at celebrities who hooted at you first?

That's the byproduct of the free-speech rights the Hamiltons are all-to-happy to exercise.

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

"Is it weird that every time I see a person with a beard I assume he's a Mavs fan?'' - Michael Dugat.

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