Mavs Get No. 13; Considering Trade?

Mavs GM Donnie Nelson wore his lucky clothes (his Game 6 outfit from the 2011 NBA Finals) to Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery. But Dallas didn't luck out, landing in the odds-on No. 13 spot for the upcoming draft. Some notes, tidbits, links and names - including a Chad Ford report that has the Mavs trading the pick in order to make FA room:

Dallas Mavericks execs Donnie Nelson and Keith Grant were in the Big Apple to ... well, to watch and cross their fingers. This attendance was a rare thing in the Cuban Era; Tuesday marked Dallas' first involvement in this thing since 2000.

*The specific percentages/chances for the Mavs draft pick were as follows:

1 - 0.6% ...or 6 chances in 1000

2 - 0.7% ...or 7 chances in 1000

3 - 0.9% ...or 9 chances in 1000

4 - 0

5 - 0

6 - 0

7 - 0

8 - 0

9 - 0

10 - 0

11 - 0

12 - 0

13 - 96.0% ...or 960 chances in 1000

14 -1.8% ...or 18 chances in 1000

Not surprisingly then, Dallas is picking 13th.

*Also not surprising: ESPN's Chad Ford's suggestion that Dallas is planning to sell the pick in order to rid itself of that $1,655,300 commitment ... giving the Mavs more room to pursue a free agent. Our David Lord addressed that general concept on May 7 in this "Free Agency Roadmaps'' story but Ford has advanced the ball with the specific mention that Dallas is a) "likely to trade the No. 13 pick,'' b) that "the Mavs need all the cap room they can get'' and c) that the move will be made for a "Dwight Howard run.''

Our respect for Chad is great. So we won't quibble much, except to say that we would be surprised if Mavs officials view the trading of the pick less as an "option'' and more of a "likelihood'' -- especially because there is not one singular way to gain cap room. Additionally, we'd be stunned if the Mavs have suddenly flip-flopped away from top free-agent choice Chris Paul, the Clippers-helping firing of coach Vinny Del Negro not withstanding.

Dallas' room-making will be done for Paul first. If it is determined he is unavailable, that same room will be used to pursue Dwight.

*If Dallas does keep the pick? Here's what history tells us you get at No. 13.

*Candidates for that spot? We've got insight into Croatian Dario Saric here. (Nelson and four other Mavs reps were recently in Croatia to see him play).

*What do the Mavs think of top point guard Michael Carter-Williams and Trey Burke? We've got the good here ... oh, and we believe Dallas has already conducted an interview with Burke.

*Our David Lord is digging into just how high Steven Adams might rise ... And it seems Dallas is lining up visits to DFW with the likes of 6-5 shooting guard Jamaal Franklin. ...

More to come on all these subjects, of course, including a Mock Draft!

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