A CP3 Rumor Vs Fake Mavs Rumors In Donuts

Is CP3 mad at the Clippers? ... Trading Shawn Marion for what now? ... How to recognize a fraudulent Mavs rumor ... Reading a blueprint ain't building a house ... The truth of Dallas' plans at 13? It's in here ... The art of 'capsmanship' and other fancy made-up words ... Thursday Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: CP3 angry at Clippers? ...

Chris Paul is reportedly upset with the Clippers organization because the firing of coach Vinny Del Negro as coach is being blamed on him.

A potential rift between the free-agent-to-be and his LAC owner, Donald T. Sterling?
Good. Very good.

"Chris is a man of principle and if he feels like you've gone against his principles, it will affect how he feels about you,'' ESPN's Chris Broussard quotes a source as saying. "He's very agitated that his name has been put out there as the reason for Vinny's firing. He had nothing to do with it."

This relates exactly the point we make in this exclusive story about the Dallas Mavericks' Chris Paul Pitch: The Mavs WILL NOT badmouth Sterling.

His track record will speak for itself.

DONUT 2: How to tell a fraud ...

When trying to get to the bottom of a rumor that on its face doesn't make much sense, include on your list of Things To Do a check of the agent. Like, when two names get lumped into one conversation -- doubling the apparent nonsense -- ask yourself, 'Hey, I wonder if Bayless and Jack are repped by the same agent?'

And then you discover that they are.

And then you discover that a nonsensical story might've actually come from somewhere (still nonsensical, but at least with an origin).

That may be giving the Bayless/Jack-to-Dallas 'story' too much credit ... because I'm still not convinced that it came from anywhere ... and at least one Mavs higher-up laughingly agrees with my suspicions ... but there ya go.

A "story'' that either came from somewhere or from nowhere ... but either way, a dubious "story'' indeed.

DONUT 3: And while I'm on the subject ...

Here's the way the "story'' was presented on Sunday in the Akron newspaper:

One rumored deal for the Cavs would be to send three of their draft picks to Dallas (Nos. 19, 31 and 33) for veteran small forward Shawn Marion ($9.3 million next season) and the Mavericks' No. 12 overall choice. Marion, 35, has lost much of his athleticism and isn't the high volume rebounder he once was. The Cavs are expected to decline, even though having the 12th pick would be attractive. - Bob Finnan

By Monday, "ESPN Insider'' was charging customers to read the exact same blurb.

But this does not qualify as a "rumored deal.'' And I know that because this non-story features many aspects about it that don't make sense to the teams or by the rules.

*Please first note that if the teams are going to swap picks, they'd do so in June, not July. Shawn Marion, with the ability to opt out, can't be traded in June unless he formally declines his opt out - which means he can only be traded with his cooperation. That's not happening.

*In addition, the concept behind eventually dumping Marion is cap clearance -- ideally, to move this valued piece while getting no salary back in return ... but that can't be done with Cleveland in June, because it would take over $9 million in empty cap space for the Cavs to take his salary without sending any back, and the Cavs don't have it.

*Mavs owner Mark Cuban's recent comments suggest that Marion should be seen as being involved in the team's planning ... which would indicate that they certainly aren't shopping him and prefer to keep him long-term.

Those comments: "We'll have that conversation (about ETO options), but that's not the important part of the conversation we'll have with Shawn. Shawn is a warrior. Everyone knows that he gave 100-plus percent every game. When we weren't able to perform at a certain level, he got mad. He really, really wants to win.
"I respect his opinions and we get along great. I'm more interested in what guys he likes out there, who he's played against and who he respects and what he thinks we need. On where that goes, we can have other conversations about the other stuff. There's no point in him opting out if we don't think we're going to get what we need."

*The Mavs don't own the "No. 12'' pick proposed in the "rumor.'' Dallas, of course, owns the 13th overall pick in the draft. Characterize this as a typo if you wish. (We're all guilty of those.) But note that ESPN Insider (and 100 other websites) picked it up verbatim and here we are days later and the Akron newspaper still hasn't corrected its critical error.

What really happened here? It looks like a Cavs writer with little understanding of how NBA trades work saw one story talking about the Mavs perhaps having an interest in swapping picks, saw another talking about the Mavs perhaps needing to send away Marion to clear cap space, calculated his home team's assets, and decided to combine those into a "rumor" of his own making. Never mind what the rules say and what the teams might be actually capable of doing.

My man 'Hairdude' on DB.com Boards points out that it could actually be a trial balloon that's been floated by a team ... and then the reporter clusterbucked it up by poor listening or errant scribbling.

But in virtually every way ... it's just a mess.

I don't mean to be harsh here. But whether it's in our Daily Donuts, our Mavnalysis, our news stories or in our Premium Mavs coverage, it's a full-time job calculating and chronicling the real Mavs goings-on without having to explain why all the fake goings-on cannot actually be going on.

DONUT 4: Follow the Mavs on Twitter ...

Follow the Mavs on Twitter: Mike Fisher, David Lord and Michael Dugat keep you up-to-the-minute informed on all things Mavs!

DONUT 5: Reading ain't building

As we noted the other day regarding Dallas' CBA genius: Being able to read a blueprint isn't the same as being able to build a house. The Mavs haven't demonstrated that they are as skilled at player procurement and development as they are at CBA Theory.

What we don't want: the substitution of "cap tricks'' for superb talent evaluation and superb deal negotiation. The evaluating and negotiating skills are mandatory for creating success under the new CBA.

In general, "The Two-Year Plan'' itself and the things Cuban suggests we'll see in it are exciting. (Not unlike the Mavs' "Double Pipedream,'' there is nothing wrong with starting at the ideal of speculative options and then working your way down.) If you can combine superb talent evaluation and negotiation with slick aggressive capsmanship, you can open doors that might otherwise be nailed shut, and make great strides quickly.
If you like cool made-up words like "capsmanship,'' you've come to the right place. Read up here on some truths of "The Two-Year Plan.''

DONUT 6: Getting to Andrew Bynum ...

Cuban suggested the death of the one-year contract in his address. (See all "Top 10 Cuban Quotes On The State of the Mavs in Free Agency'' here.) We say even this is more complex than it seems.

We believe he really means that he strongly prefers to give longer-term deals to the right players at the right cost … with some sort of escape hatch included in the deals.

But because it's so loosely defined by Cuban ((even as we've done some tightening up of the concept here) some have speculated that the death of the one-year contract = a four-year contract with the stretch provision in mind which = Andrew Bynum.

Slow your roll here. I'm putting the finishing touches on what the stretch provision really means in Dallas ... and how it all really applies to Bynum.

DONUT 7: Heads up on two draftee names ...

We're hearing Akron 7-footer Zeke Marshall is scheduled for a pre-Draft visit to Dallas. A second-round prospect, perhaps?

And there's another center who has been hanging around Dallas for quite some time: 7-2 Frenchman Rudy Gobert. We've got that exclusive here.

DONUT 8: The truth is in there. ...

Losta confirmation rolling in from all corners on Dallas' CBA-friendly thoughts regarding what to do with Pick 13. Here's the original breakdown of 'The Mavs' Draft-Night Plans.' The truth is in there.

DONUT 9: A Lakers loss ...

The Lakers are losing their Dwight Whisperer.

Dwight Howard and assistant coach Steve Clifford were very close during their time in Orlando. Maybe not coincidentally, Clifford was in LA last year as Dwight joined the Lakers. Now Clifford is taking the Bobcats' top job. Oh, and Chuck Person, another Lakers assistant with whom Dwight was close, is not being retained by Mike D'Antoni.

These aren't signs that necessarily point DH12 to Dallas. But they might be signs that point away from LA.

DONUT 10: Thanks to Red Rock! ...

Our North Dallas hangout for sports and live music? It's Red Rock Bar & Grill! They help make DB.com what it is ... thanks, guys!
DONUT 11: Carlisle and a big man? ...

Rick Carlisle has a record of 520-366 record. Rick Carlisle has a championship ring. Rick Carlisle has a psychology degree.

So yes, the Mavs believe Rick Carlisle can handle a Cousins. Or a Dwight. Or a whomever.

My man Skin points out that Carlisle's Pacers offense featuring Jermaine O'Neal in the post is completely different than his Mavs offenses under Kidd and even now. I would add that Rick is, above all, an authoritative teacher -- and a master at it.

Dallas is therefore very comfortable with the idea of this boss working with those guys. Remember, as Rick often tells me, not of this boss "handling'' those guys.

"You 'handle' livestock,'' Rick likes to say. "You work with men.''

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

So judging from the oh-so-familiar previews, "The Lone Ranger'' is basically "Johnny Depp stars in 'The Pirates of The Caribbean In The Old West'''?

I'm in!


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