CP3 Zealotry: Monday Morning Mavs Donuts

Dirk's 'Heroes' Game ... Some rules and regulations on the 'Euro Cap Stash' ... Who's No. 1? Why wouldn't it still be Chris Paul? ... Version 1 of DB.com's Mock Draft ... It's 'Chum In The Water' time, so watch out for 'Nellie's Napkins.' ... Monday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: My CP3 zealotry ...

The Dallas Mavericks prefer Chris Paul.

Or, at least, that what I've been told ... and what I've repeated over and over again. And maybe there is a problem with that, in this sense:
I think I may have fallen into the trap of sinking my teeth into a scoop and then refusing to let go ...

My ardor in saying "Chris Paul is the Mavs' top choice" has in the last two weeks become a theme ... an angle with a life of its own ...like it's my proprietary zone and not just another story. I'm reviewing my work and seeing how someone could think I'm somehow "promoting'' the idea that Paul is the Mavs' top choice ...

When in fact, I should care less about "being right'' and report more about what might be tomorrow's new reality. By creating the impression that I'm married to my chunk of info, I run the risk of missing "the advancement of the story'' or even "the other story altogether," if there is one.

For instance:

*What if the Mavs, at this early stage, have a different No. 1 on different days? (That would seem a tad scatterbrained on the part of the organization, but it's possible.)

*What if the Mavs are eventually very comfortable with being in love with whomever loves them back? (In other words: Amid speculation that Paul may be locking into LAC, Dallas starts seeing fewer of Dwight's warts?)

*What if there is no "No. 1'' because the Mavs' first Double-Pipedream wish is to secure Dwight AND Paul?

*What if the Mavs are deceptively offering a scoop a day, even when they conflict, to confuse outsiders? Me? A victim!? (See the "chum'' note below.)

*What if one member of the front office wants Paul the most while a different exec feels that Howard makes more sense? So both angles are true enough?

So I'm open to wondering if there might be some value in me embracing all the alternatives ... or at least being less zealous in my insistence on which one is the right one. I'm encouraged by Cuban noting that Dallas' priorities haven't been given reason to change. But that shouldn't mean that I shouldn't be prepared in the event there are changes.

DONUT 2: Dirk's "Heroes'' Game ...

A long-standing event. A great cause. Tons of fun. DB.com covers it like a blanket and we -- and Dirk -- would love to see you there!

DONUT 3: The Euro Cap Stash ...

Here's why it works, how it works and who it works for, if the Mavs opt to employ the 'Euro Cap Stash,' an option I think they should explore.

I have visited with Cuban on this issue and am happy to hear him tell KESN, "We're not going to make the decision way in advance. ... If we like the person at 13, we'll keep it and we'll figure something out elsewhere to free up cap space to get there ... If our guy doesn't get there, we'll look at trading it. … If a guy falls, we'll be happy to take him and figure out who to work the cap. If no one wants to make a trade for whatever reason, we can maybe get a guy to stash overseas somewhere.''

DONUT 4: Follow the Mavs on Twitter ...

Follow the Mavs on Twitter: Mike Fisher, David Lord and Michael Dugat keep you up-to-the-minute informed on all things Mavs!

DONUT 5: What History Says The Mavs Get At 13 ...

Let's say Dallas keeps the pick. What History Says The Mavs Get At 13 is detailed here.

Oh, and it's not just 13 that has its limits. Mark Followill passes along this piece of interesting NBA Draft research: there hasn't been an All-Star taken in picks 11 to 15 since Kobe, Peja and Nash went 13-14-15 in 1996.

DONUT 6: Graduation time! ...

A tip of the cap of appreciation to Frisco Party Station, your neighborhood headquarters for all your graduation party needs! All the neighborhood schools represented -- college and even high school! -- and the party is on!

DONUT 7: Who's No. 1? ...

While I still have it on extremely good authority that it's CP3 (not zealously, though!), I've been urged by a few big basketball brains to be more flexible in my thinking. After all, as stated above, this isn't "my baby.'' It's Dallas'.

Still, I must say: If it was up to me, until Chris Paul actually says "I do'' to Donald T. Sterling -- until that actual moment -- Mark Cuban should be "The Graduate'' in the glass-walled balcony of the church screaming "Elaine! Elaine!''

Meanwhile, I'm mystified as to why anybody would think the firing of the Clippers coach would alter Dallas' rankings. It might alter Dallas' odds -- if Paul is involved in hiring his own LA coach, it obviously impacts the chance of him remaining there -- but do you think Dallas didn't already anticipate Vinny Del Negro getting fired?

But one more time: I apologize for coming across as a Mavs-Love-Paul zealot. Less zealotry from me, I promise!
DONUT 8: 'Chum In The Water' time ...

A cautionary note when it comes to rumors of the Mavs doing this or doing that:

This is "Chum In The Water'' time. The Mavs (and every other team) will float rumors/potential truths about their Draft Night intentions. You will hear about Dallas thinking of moving up, you will hear about Dallas thinking of moving down, you will hear about Dallas thinking of moving sideways ... And it will all be true in a sense, because what organization wouldn't be "thinking about'' all of it?

Some teams like to drop hints as if this is a contest to solve a riddle. More than a few times, Nellie would scribble on a bar napkin some obtuse clue that I was supposed to figure out.

And yes, some of that still goes on today inside Mavs HQ.

So join me on this fishing expedition ... and let's work together to determine what might be the distracting chum in the water.

DONUT 9: Version 1 of DB.com's Mock Draft ...

Here's Version 1 of DB.com's Mock Draft by our Jonathan Auping ... who takes this business very seriously. ...

And I wouldn't have it any other way. Give it a look.

DONUT 10: Thanks to Red Rock! ...

Our North Dallas hangout for sports and live music? It's Red Rock Bar & Grill! They help make DB.com what it is ... thanks, guys!

DONUT 11: 'Ahead of the curve on player development'? ...

DallasBasketball.com has Premium coverage of the Mavs -- exclusive analysis with unmatched access -- and I invite you to sample it with a free 7-day trial ... and then to come aboard at 10 cents a day.
Or, enjoy DB.com in any way you wish!

I realize you have a skillion options when it comes to Mavs coverage, so I am flattered you are here. And I hope you find it acceptable that we dissect the Mavs and that we dissect the coverage of the Mavs as well.

"The Mavericks are getting ahead of the curve when it comes to player development,'' claims one prominent website, and well ... we're Mavs homers but that is so patently false ... so not only am I glad you are here, but I am glad you understand why I take the time to pick apart reports on the Mavs that don't quite click.

To be clear: Your Dallas Mavericks are many things. Many wonderful things. But the evidence that they are "ahead of the curve on player development'' is at present non-existent.

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

Is there a Kaneb Canales-LaMarcus Aldridge-Mavs rumor on the internet? Of course there is.


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