Some 'Green' In Mavs' New Uniforms In Donuts

The 'outsized outrage' in shootdown attempts of stories ... We need more info on Pek ... Designing the Mavs' new unis? I am IN! ... Rick Carlisle's littlest adviser ... I hate to be a Josh Smith buzzkill, but ... What's CP3's favorite color? ... Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: The outsized outrage ...

We have, at various times, labeled it "virtually impossible.'' And "extremely unlikely.'' And "less than one-percent chance of happening.''

And yet, our exclusive examination of how the Mavs could acquire both Chris Paul (Dallas' top choice) and Dwight Howard has taken on a negative life of its own ... largely due to people who a) haven't read the story, b) don't understand the rules, or c) most devious, are ignoring the fact that we have at various times labeled it "virtually impossible,'' "extremely unlikely'' and "less than one-percent chance of happening.''

This is a classic case of how futile is might be for me to properly characterize each and every story for what it specifically is.

There are "scoops,'' there is "news,'' there are "educated guesses'' and there are "opinions.''
I believe the vast majority of the Dallas Mavericks audience for the last 14 years has easily grasped that.

I believe that when I write, "There isn't much chance of Paul/Dwight turning down the extra year because of the dollars involved and the historical precedent there,'' I should only have to write it once.

I believe that when I write, "but we will nevertheless examine exhaustively every single angle as it relates to the Mavs improving -- and we will do so with the unmatched checks-and-balances guidance of Mavs HQ itself,'' ... well, that should be assumed by now as well.

Yet as I've learned in all my years doing this, some guys are going to borrow the information and repackage it, some guys are going to not comprehend any of it, and some guys are going to purposely misinform by saying, "Fish and DLord PROMISED us the Mavs WILL DO x.''

The framing of this sort of story should be self-evident. But because it's not to some, I go way out of my way to frame, and re-frame, and re-frame again.

And still, 'some guys' will do what they will do.

DONUT 2: So, to the framing of the Mavs' Double-Pipedream ...

I'll join my colleague David Lord -- who sits alongside Larry Coon as a preeminent authority on NBA rules, who knows basketball inside and out, and who applies all that passion and knowledge to your Mavs -- in addressing the various forms of PipeDream "shootdown'':

*We're seeing writers who are also readers of shooting down various concepts. But in most cases, they are shooting down their own limited understanding of Dallas' options. If a writer cherry-picks one of the many roadmaps we described, he can certainly argue against its likelihood; he's created his own "straw man'' -- and in citing the unlikelihood of such a deal, he's only repeating what we've already established.

*Imitation being the most sincere form of flattery and all, we do appreciate media outlets reading our work, and trying to one-up us with their own analysis, even if the analysis isn't very illuminating. But as noted earlier this week, has always viewed the Mavs -- fans and media -- as part of a community. So we're happy to share ... and if there is a "one-up'' that is illuminating, we're glad about that, too.
*Some critics of our thoughts tend toward oversimplification. Example: We say that if the Lakers are going to be competitive with no Howard and featuring an impaired Kobe, they will have to add talent - but won't have anything other than a mini-MLE to work with. In that circumstance, they're undoubtedly keeping Gasol. If they decline talent in exchange for Howard, what other roster-building avenues will they have? The blanket statement that they'd decline due to tax considerations seems to oversimplify a much more complex choice for the Lakers.

*Some critics maybe only read the Cliff Notes version of our work. Example: A "shootdown'' that comes from the assumption that if both Howard and Paul want Dallas, the Mavs solution (singular) is to offer a sign-and-trade to the Lakers of the Dallas roster and hope for a favorable reply.

Except, the Mavs would not be limited to such a singular solution.

*Some critics fail to understand that a sign-and-trade for Howard doesn't have to actually send ANY salary to the Lakers. There are lots of ways to solve that challenge. There is lots of flexibility. Our initial stories reflect some of those. The " vs. ESPN'' story notes six such avenues. Ensuing pieces will reveal more.
*Short-sighted critics fail to grasp that the Mavs, in wanting to acquire Dwight, wouldn't even have to deal with the Lakers at all. They'd have non-Lakers avenues as well.

Folks, we provided MULTIPLE possibilities in exacting detail in that one story. We also provided ways to tweak and adjust those in a multitude of ways.

So insisting that the story "promises'' anything is dumb. And to forge a "shootdown'' position that says, "I proved a Mavs-Dwight deal can't be done because this one very specific idea could be declined by the Lakers" is dumb, too. Because it ignores the volumes of other roadmaps.

The "shootdowns'' that add analysis? We fully support. The "shootdowns'' that add white noise and "outsized outrage''? They simply impair Mavs fans' ability to wade their way through to elightening information.

DONUT 3: Rick Carlisle's littlest adviser ...

Don Nelson used to say than an NBA coach could only throw a team-motivating tantrum six times a year. Similarly, Rick Carlisle knows that there are only so many times you can push so many buttons. So in the end, once your bittersweet season is over, how does one motivate himself?

In Rick's case, he could call his friend Tony Robbins. He could call on Oprah, with whom he is acquainted. Or, maybe, he seeks solace in the advice of his 8-year-old daughter.

DONUT 4: Follow the Mavs on Twitter ...

Follow the Mavs on Twitter: Mike Fisher, David Lord and Michael Dugat keep you up-to-the-minute informed on all things Mavs!

DONUT 5: Josh Smith buzz? ...

I hate to be a buzzkill, but I'm obliged to kill the Josh Smith-to-the-Mavs buzz.
DONUT 6: Graduation time! ...

A tip of the cap of appreciation to Frisco Party Station, your neighborhood headquarters for all your graduation party needs! All the neighborhood schools represented -- college and even high school! -- and the party is on!

DONUT 7: Designing the Mavs' unis? I am IN! ...

As you probably know by now, Mark Cuban is inviting us all to engage in some new-Mavs-uniforms-design fun. One new wrinkle: There might now be $1000 on the line.

So I am in. Here's my "Dirk Hat'' model ...

As you probably know by now, Mark Cuban is inviting us all to engage in some new-Mavs-uniforms-design fun.

DONUT 8: Thanks to Studio Movie Grill! ... ...
Thanks, Studio Movie Grill, for your friendship with and your support of the community!

DONUT 9: And thanks to Shawn Marion ...

Here's my "Marion 'M''' model ...

DONUT 10: Regarding Pek ...

At this early stage, and with no inside info here to speak of, restricted FA center Nikola Pekovic is worth Mavs conversation.

But ...
Isn't he injury-prone? (20 games missed this year.) Is he truly a "perfect fit'' next to Dirk? (I thought TY was a "perfect fit,'' and he's nothing like Pek.) Is he a great consolation prize behind Dwight? (With the sort of money it would take to lure him, are you sure you want to "settle''?)

Is there a number to offer Pek that Minnesota cannot/will not match? (Maybe; you'll recall's exclusive reports of Dallas examining that path last summer with Roy Hibbert.) But will that number be so bloated that you end up overpaying?

We'll continue to explore ...

DONUT 11: In Dirk's own words ...

Here's the entire transcript from Dirk's Q-and-A with Ben & Skin this week. Newsy and funny. Dig in.)

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

I say the Mavs' new uniforms should feature the color "green.'' You say the Mavs' new uniforms should be whatever Chris Paul's favorite color is.

I say ... like I said, "green.''

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