7-2 Gobert To Work Out With Mavs On Thursday

DB.com has learned that 7-foot-2 French center Rudy Gobert is in DFW preparing for the NBA Draft and is scheduled for a pre-Draft workout with the Mavs on Thursday. How ready is the 20-year-old with the freakish 7-foot-9 wingspan to make an NBA impact? We share some of the thoughts from Mavs HQ here:

Should the Dallas Mavericks be scared off of foreign players? The Roddy B Experience might cause some fans to think that way. (The Dirk Nowitzki might convince us otherwise forevermore.) But with German point guard Dennis Schroeder and Croatian forward Dario Saric both on the Mavs' interest list, that's clearly not the case in the AAC basement.

Rudy Gobert will be trying to make the jump from France's Pro-A to the NBA, a process that continued in earnest this month when his sheer size was an eye-catcher at the Chicago combine.

He's publically expressed a desire to come to the NBA now – but keep Dallas' overall plan and its Euro Cap Stash option in mind here, too.

Gobert is already in Dallas, choosing the Mavs hometown as his workout headquarters due to his relationship with agent Bouna Ndiaye, who is based here (and reps Roddy B and a number of other French and foreign players.

Gobert needs to add bulk to his 238-pound frame. Even after he does that, it can be argued that he's something short of a "natural rebounder.'' He averaged 5.4 rebounds per game last year for Cholet.

But he is athletic enough to have shot 73.6 percent from the field (almost exclusively working in the paint) while averaging 8.4 points per game – all without an especially polished back-to-the-basket game.
It is said he has pretty good hands. He was also at two blocks per game.

Did I mention that he's 7-2 with a wingspan of 7-9 – which is pretty close to off-the-charts?

His sheer size makes him a first-round prospect. His need to add weight and strength would make him a natural to remain in Europe for a year. And his present proximity to Mavs HQ makes his Thursday visit with the club a cozy way for him to step toward his NBA career.

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