Mavs Visit With Twitter Pal Iguodala

The Mavs' connection with Andre Iguodala goes beyond the fact that on Monday, Iggy followed Mark Cuban on Twitter. Dallas has twice tried to trade for him in recent years, and as Iggy takes meetings in LA, where Cuban is based this week, they will investigate acquiring Iguodala again. But a source tells there is a hitch to what will otherwise be a feel-good meeting.

Nuggets free agent forward Andre Iguodala is arguably the second-most decorated players in free agency, following Dwight Howard and maybe alongside Josh Smith. He's 29 but "plays younger,'' is an Olympian and an All-Star, and does athletic work at both ends of the floor. But it is the presence of Smith and Dallas' unwillingness to engage in a max-money bidding war that may cause the Cuban/Iggy relationship to be limited to social media.

The Detroit Pistons have $20 million of cap room and seem intent on using it on a forward. They have their sites set on Iguodala and the Hawks' Josh Smith. The Dallas Mavericks have great affection for Iggy but are simply not prepared to spent the sort of money they believe will be made available when teams start bidding against one another for Iggy vs. Smith.

Dallas' max-money thoughts are limited to Dwight. Short of that goal, they intend to find a way to split their available room on two second-level standouts.

Iguodala qualifies as a "second-level standout'' in the Mavs' eyes. But in the early going – and short of a rude awakening that is surely awaiting some free agents who will get squeezed – Iggy has no reason to view himself that way. He opted out of the final year of his $15.9-million max deal with the Nuggets earlier this month; as with Monta Ellis doing the same with his $11-million deal, the idea wasn't to exit for the purpose of a paycut.

Dallas isn't given a second-level star $15.9 million. That sort of money is in reserve for somebody who, to quote one Mavs higher-up, "can lead us to the Promised Land.'' It's why Tyson Chandler didn't get that kind of contract -- even though he'd already helped Dallas to that "land'' one time.

By the time you read this, Dallas will have probably already met with Iguodala. They will talk about the time when they passed on trading for him because the Elton Brand ballast was too pricey. They will talk about the winter of 2011, when they talked of trading for him again in the wake of Caron Butler's injury.

And they will probably talk about Twitter. But when the talk escalates to the $15.9-million level, the Mavs won't have much else to say.

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