Cuban To 'We're Out Of Dwight' Chase

At 4:09 p.m., Mavs owner Mark Cuban informed that he ‘got word we are out of the (Dwight Howard) sweepstakes … So it's on to plan B.' More from Cuban's communication to us inside, along with our promised 27,000,000 °F Blowtorch … How we think Dallas got edged out here … Oh, and when we calm down, what those Mavs ‘Plan B's' might entail.

Cuban's Email

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told and a select handful of other local media outlets via e-mail on Friday that the team has been notified that they are out of the running for Dwight Howard.

"Got word we are out of the DH sweepstakes,'' Cuban wrote. "We gave it a shot and it didn't work out. … It was truly an experience.''

Part of the experience was Dallas attempting to respect Howard's privacy by not springing leaks about the team's recruiting meeting with him. That is contrary to how some of the other suitors have handled themselves … but it did not turn out to be a winning hand. Cuban now says of the meeting, "At some point I will post our video and presentation we made."

And speaking of the other suitors? Cuban also said he had no knowledge of the free agent center's decision on a destination. "I have no idea what team he is going to," Cuban wrote in the e-mail. "They wouldn't tell me. ... So it's on to plan B."

What team is Dwight going to?

Try this on for size, courtesy of's David Lord:

*Iggy will be an outright signing by Golden State. They cleared the needed cap room by the trade with Utah. But they are capped out after that pair of moves. Golden State also has no way to trade a pick now.

My guess is this:

a - Dwight will go to the Warriors if the Lakers will do a S&T. That will take salary matching. Bogut will be the main part of the salary match. They will add Thompson or Barnes.

b - Dwight will probably tell the Lakers he's going to Houston if LA don't do a S&T with Golden State, this forcing the issue. Dwight-to-Houston is now being reported as the likely scenario (as of 5:09 p.m.) by Yahoo adds, "Dwight Howard's agent, Dan Fegan says Dwight has not finalized his decision."

c - LA can say no and call Dwight's bluff. Or it can take the consolation prize with all the salary that entails.

We'll update the above information as we collect more details. Meanwhile, know that David Lord leads Mavs fans in the NBA's smartest discussions on this subject and more here on Boards.

The 27,000,000 °F Blowtorch

The Mavs spent two years laying the "Plan Powder'' groundwork for this deal and are beaten to the finish line not only by the Lakers and the Rockets but also by a Golden State team that spent only TWO DAYS positioning themselves for a shot? This makes "Plan Powder'' – the post-2011 championship strip-down -- look like a complete miscalculation. We'll have much more on this in the coming days, but here's the short version: The Mavs' re-evaluation of this needs to consider the idea of creating assets and building living, breathing assets.

Dallas' "Plan Powder'' treated cap space as the ultimate asset. This day of transactions and non-transactions suggests the ultimate asset is … assets. Players. Attractive talent that can draw a star like Howard or be swapped for a star like Howard.

For what it's worth – I know, at this point, it's not worth much – Cuban is on-the-record in his communication to There are no "sources'' here and there is no hiding in the dark. Cuban is taking the public bullets. As he knows he should. As he knows he must.

"So it's on to plan B.'' That's Cuban's parting shot in the email, supplemented by a tweet in which he says, "Time to get back to work. The Mavs are back open for business.''

What is Plan B? What are the options? How do the Mavs recover from this? How many of these concepts we've already laid out are still in play? As soon as we dry our tears, are we ready to look at the Jose Calderons of Plan B? Calderon is now coming to Dallas. If a center follows, is that a sufficient save?

This isn't the right place for Dwight Howard, apparently. But you have come to the right place for answers to those questions. Stay tuned.

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