Exclusive: Ledo's Mavs Contract Details

Ricky Ledo signed with the Mavs today, and we have all the details and more. In an exclusive interview with his agent, we learned the background, plan, and got some insight into what Mavs can hope for with the promising second-round pick. Oh, and of-course, the Asset-Management numbers of the contract that we've been stressing are so important.

Wednesday the Dallas Mavericks announced they have signed their 2nd round pick, Ricky Ledo from Providence. DallasBasketball.com has learned exclusively that the Mavs inked him to a four-year deal.

Ledo (6-7, 195) attended Providence University where he was ruled ineligible by the NCAA, but continued to practice with the Friars. Before arriving in Providence, Ledo was a Jordan All-American at South Kent (Conn.) High School where he averaged 23.4 points and 6.2 rebounds in his senior season. Scout.com ranked him as the No. 5 shooting guard and No. 17 overall prospect after his senior season of high school.

That's the info for public consumption. But we have more, from an exclusive conversation with his agent that occurred moments after the signing.

For those who follow such things (and who understand the Asset-Management importance of building up affordable assets) we've learned that the contract looks like this:

*Year one at about $550,000 (about $60,000 more than the minimum salary he was expected to get)
*Year two $816,482
*Year three $947,276
*And Year four $1,015,696

The first two years are fully guaranteed (unusual for a mid-second-rounder, and indicative of how the Mavs feel about his future), Year three is non-guaranteed (essentially a team option), and Year four was written as a formal team option, we believe. (If not, then it was non-guaranteed).

As we stated earlier today, there is more to do for the Mavs' front office, including a clever play that can be done with Brandan Wright's agreed-to deal.

But for now, the Mavs have nine players officially under contract: Dirk at $22,721,381; Trix at $9,316,796; Ellis at $8M; Calderon at $6,791,570; Dalembert at $3,700,748; Vince at $3.18M; Jae at $788,872; Mekel at $490,180; and now Ledo.

Regarding Ledo, we are in the process of learning much more than contractual details. In our conversation with Seth Cohen, Ledo's agent and an up-and-comer in the NBA himself, we heard plenty about both player and agent. We'll detail that for you later.

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