Mavs Donuts: The Richest NBA Owners

My 1-on-1 visit with Rick Carlisle ... An under-read story about the coke-fueled Knicks fixing games ... Can we - should we - control Dennis Rodman? ... Who put T-Mac in charge of Knucklehead Patrol? ... the latest on Larkin ... Will 'Roddy B' become 'Roddy Overseas'? ... Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: The Richest of the Rich...

Forbes has released its list of the 400 richest Americans. Buried in there are the names of 13 NBA owners. Tucked inside of there is the name "Mark Cuban.''

The wealthiest NBA team owner is Microsoft's Paul Allen (Blazers, $15.8 billion). Other owners on the list: Micky Arison (Heat, $5.9 billion), Stan Kroenke (Nuggets, $5.3 billion), Dan Gilbert (Cavs, $3.9 billion), Charles Dolan (Knicks, $3.3 billion), Tom Gores (Pistons, $2.7 billion), Mark Cuban (Mavericks. $2.5 billion), Josh Harris (76ers, $2.5 billion), Robert Pera (Grizzlies, $1.95 billion), Herb Simon (Pacers, $1.95 billion), Donald Sterling (Clippers, $1.9 billion), Glen Taylor (Timberwolves, $1.7 billion) and Tom Benson (Pelicans, $1.3 billion).
There aren't many money-related lists that place Tony Cubes "middle-of-the-pack.'' But that's quite a pack.

DONUT 2: 1-on-1 with Rick ...

"In addition to all that stuff, and all of that is important. ... The other thing about this job is this: You look forward to every day, and you look forward to engaging every day. My job is special in that it makes me feel completely alive every single day.''

Talking to Rick Carlisle tends to get you as pumped up for training camp as he is. Come inside as a Premium Mavs Fan and let the Coach do the same for you. Our exclusive Q-&-A with Rick Carlisle is here!

DONUT 3: The latest on Larkin ...

Mavs owner Mark Cuban tells that Shane Larkin could be ready to participate at some point in training camp (which starts Oct. 1) despite having broken his ankle in July. The prognosis at the time was a two-to-three-month rehab period, and Larkin is seemingly on the positive side of that pace.
"He is on schedule," Cuban says.

Larkin, who was drafted No. 18 out of the University of Miami, broke his ankle preparing to play with the Mavs in their Las Vegas Summer League schedule. A positive report on his recovery was first noted by the AP in Miami, though the suggestion that Larkin will be ready to start camp may be an overstatement.

Larkin, the son of baseball Hall-of-Famer Barry Larkin, is a smallish-but-athletic point guard who will compete for time in a crowded backcourt featuring Jose Calderon as the starter at the 1 and veteran Devin Harris (himself recovering from toe surgery) and fellow rookie Gal Mekel (two-time MVP of the Israeli League).

Larkin was a personal draft favorite of coach Rick Carlisle, who cites his perimeter quickness, his skill in the pick-and-roll and his history as a "winner'' as reasons for optimism. Team president Donnie Nelson compares Larkin to ex-Mavs guard J.J. Barea and tells, "He's about as quick as them come. Plus he can shoot and create. He lacks size, but otherwise he fits extremely well with our needs and with the way the NBA game is played today."

But before any of that happens, his recovery needed to happen.

"Minor setback for a major comeback,'' Larkin tweeted on July 12, and the Mavs hope the rookie is prophetic.

DONUT 4: Follow the Mavs on Twitter ...

Follow the Mavs on Twitter: Mike Fisher, Chuck Perry , David Lord and Michael Dugat keep you up-to-the-minute informed on all things Mavs!

DONUT 5: Can we - should we - control Rodman? ...

The goings-on in North Korea and its culture and its politics and its basketball are beyond me ... and on the surface, I would think, beyond the likes of Dennis Rodman, a seeming self-appointed ambassador to the country.
Is this dangerous and reckless and arrogant? Or is this a perfect marriage because "North Korea is in many ways the Dennis Rodman of the international community. Its hyperbolic statements are routinely and ahistorically interpreted as the mutterings of a mad man rather than a rational actor with limited resources, few allies, and a historical memory that stretches as long as the 150-mile long demilitarized zone.''

DONUT 6: Party time! ...

A tip of the cap of appreciation to Frisco Party Station, your neighborhood headquarters for all your party needs ... everything! All the neighborhood schools represented -- college and even high school! -- and the party is on!

DONUT 7: Who you callin' 'knucklehead'? ...

Is it just me or is there irony -- and maybe even hypocrisy -- in hearing Tracy McGrady bemoaning the actions of guys like Michael Beasley while lamenting the NBA presence of assorted "knuckleheads''?

DONUT 8: Mavs key dates ...

Save The Dates!

*September 30th is Media Day ... Basketball Christmas for's 75-Member Staff!
*Oct. 1 is the official opening of training camp -- or "Training Days'' as we've called it around here ever since Denzel inspired us to do so.

*All-Star Weekend is Feb. 14-16. (Sorry, Valentine sweethearts!)

*The NBA Finals -- if you are so inclined -- are scheduled to start June 5.

DONUT 9: The New Coke Knicks ...

How powerful is the NBA hierarchy? Powerful enough that you probably don't know anything about this story of the coke-fueled Knicks fixing games.

DONUT 10: My 'Breaking Bad' Theory: True Colors ...

Once Upon A Time In The Old West, good guys wore white and bad guys wore black. In the modern Spaghetti Western that is ‘Breaking Bad,' the color wheel spins infinitely beyond ‘White' and ‘Black,' using colors as symbols, hints and Easter eggs. But ultimately I wonder if this tale of ‘Mr. Chips-becomes-Scarface' may spin back to non-colors, their true colors, at their most basic: White vs. Black. I explain my "Breaking Bad'' theory here.

DONUT 11: Legends and movies! ...
With Texas Legends season about to roll out, is teaming with the Legends and Studio Movie Grill to get somebody free tickets to a movie. Come give the Texas Legends and FishSports a follow and we'll pick a winner at random later today!

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

Remember French center Alexis Ajinca? He's heading overseas, to Strasbourg. Remember Chinese forward Yi Jianlian? He's heading overseas, to Guangdong.

Remember Roddy B? He's getting only the most modest of NBA nibbles. Is he going to end up overseas, too?

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