Training Day: Mavs Practice Report

'This was totally a defensive practice this morning,' Mavs coach Rick Carlisle says. 'All defense. There was no offensive stuff.' But there was lots of 'stuff' - including Video Visits with Marion and Carlisle, exclusive footage of the workout, 1-on-1 quotes from players and analysis from the staff. Come inside!

I don't think Rick Carlisle likes the theory.

"This was totally a defensive practice this morning,'' said coach Carlisle following the Dallas Mavericks very first training camp workout on Tuesday. "All defense. There was no offensive stuff.''

In Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts, I theorized that while Dallas' defense will be an 82-game work-in-progress, this team urgently needs something to hang its hat on - and that the Dirk/Monta offensive combo might just be that thing.

It is coming. Just not Tuesday morning.

THE CARLISLE PRESSER: More from the coach:

QUOTABLE: "He reminds me of a young me. I can still do it, though. Don't get it twisted." - Shawn Marion, remarking on the athleticism of Monta Ellis.

DIRK'S MEDIA DAY PRESSER: Want to see it all? Unedited and unfiltered, without media angles or biases? Dirk, Unfiltered:

MAVSELLANEOUS: Carlisle is going hard at the concept of defensive communication. New starting center Samuel Dalembert will have to be central to that. "We're still going to take awhile to get everything down pat,'' Dalembert said. "Overall you just get a feel for it.'' ... Last Mav on the floor? Rookie Shane Larkin, even though he's recovering from a broken ankle and can do little except jog around the floor ... Carlisle is noting that the injury situations with Larkin and Devin Harris "is why we signed 20 guys, so we can have 18 active, at least for the first few games or first couple weeks and then we'll see what's what after that." ... An NBA film crew is shadowing Larkin. Meanwhile, the Spanish-speaking contingent among the media seems larger than usual as they pepper Jose Calderon with questions ... Dalembert's play-hard pledge is the right thing to say, and he did so today. But the fact about his playing career is that the center is only occasionally a high-energy guy ... Jae Crowder is presently 15 pounds lighter than the 239 pounds he came into the NBA at ... I asked Shawn Marion about the MRI he tweeted about having gotten -- and hating. Was there an injury concern? "We all got em,' he told me. 'Standard procedure, baby.''

MATRIX MEETS THE MEDIA: More from Shawn Marion as he celebrates the fact "we got that veteran savvy'':


"One down, a bunch more to go and we've got another one this afternoon. This was totally a defensive practice this morning — all defense ... There was no offensive stuff other than just simple drive-and-kick stuff to help set up defensive situations. They'll come fast and furious." - Rick Carlisle, who will presumably mix in a little offensive in the late Tuesday workout.

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