Calderon Audio On Eve Of Mavs Debut

'It's always good to start with a win,' says Jose Calderon, the veteran PG who on the eve of his Mavs debut says he's 'more excited than in other years, maybe. It's a big change for me.' The full audio of Jose Calderon's visit with the media at Tuesday practice ... get it here on!

Below, your Mavs Self-Scouting Report to give you the big picture on Jose Calderon. And here, Calderon's Tuesday meeting with the media on the eve of his debut with the Mavs:


Mavs scouting view: This is part of Dallas' never-ending search to find another Kidd. The Mavs have always had great admiration for Calderon as a playmaking point guard and view his high-percentage, high-efficiency shooting as a bonus. What happened with this team at point guard last year accentuated the need to pay for the fix. Dallas is confidence this is it.

Projected role: Calderon has career averages of 10.1 points and 7.2 assists per game and there's your projection for the Dallas Mavericks.

Upside: There are advanced stats that scream it (career .576 true shooting percentage), there are simple stats that show it (46.1 percent beyond the arc last year) and there is The Eye Test that proves it: Calderon is a deceptively good scorer because of how well he picks his spots and is an inarguably great distributor because of how he picks his teammates' spots. What Dallas envisions here: Dirk and Monta helping Calderon spread the floor, with pick-and-roll/two-man-game options available on both sides of the floor, being engineered by Monta and Calderon. And again, in one area he's not just a Kidd wannabe, but he's actually superior to Kidd: Jose is a catch-and-shoot threat from anywhere on the floor, and his bombs won't be pleasant surprises (as was the case with Kidd) but rather an expected, planned part of the arsenal.
Pitfall: Without argument, it's Calderon's defense. The per-possession numbers against him have always been torture to read. Now, Dallas can argue that playing with a better program than Calderon did in Toronto or Detroit can be part of the fix. Mavs staffers will also argue that Calderon – as poor as he is on that end – is bigger and no worse than Collison and James were. But the fact is, Calderon's assignment will be to engineer an offense that outperforms the other team's offense.

Contract: Calderon has a four-year, $29 million deal. Year-by-year: $6,791,570, $7,097,191, $7,402,812 and $7,708,427.

Quotable: "My job this year will be to try to get the ball to the right guys at the right moments, try to know where they want the ball." -- Jose Calderon.

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