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The Mavs are approaching the NBA Playoffs (again!) and we've got insight, baloney and off-color jokes as our audio analysis walks you right up to the postseason. We're staying up all night and covering Mavs all day ... We party Wednesday and we playoff this weekend ... The DB.com Mavs Podcast, y'all!

The Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Playoffs? That, for DB.com Podcasters Mike Marshall, Mike Fisher and Kevin Turner, represents The Meaning of Life.

We do it to take us through the end of the regular season ... we do it to the start of the playoffs ... we do it on iTunes and elsewhere even as Our Three Boys occasionally exhibit some NSFW pottie-mouthedness.

Here's how we roll on the DB.com Mavs Podcast here on iTunes, up shortly, and up and running below as well ...

Pull up a chair to the hoops roundtable and let's kick it around ... propping up the real stuff with inside info and shooting down the junk with the same ...
Issues and updates for you:

*The Mavs will be playing Wednesday in Memphis for the right to be No. 7 (likely opening the playoffs against No. 2 OKC) and to avoid No. 8 (which gets Wednesday's loser - the Mavs or the Grizzlies - an appointment with No. 1 San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs.

The Grizzlies on Monday eliminated the Suns and now Memphis is even with Dallas at 49-32.

No. 6 is no longer in play because Golden State clinched it by beating Timberwolves on Monday.

*And why does Dallas wish to avoid San Antonio? "They just have our number,'' as Shawn Marion said. Memphis has the same problem, of course; the Spurs are a combined 8-0 this year against these two otherwise-good clubs.

*Monta Ellis is the West Player of the Week -- and this marks the first time in Mavs history that Dallas players have won the honor back-to-back, as is the case with Dirk and Ellis.
*Wednesday's game also holds significance for the Mavs' front office because of how it can allow Dallas to get out from under the Odom-tied No. 1 pick it owes the Thunder. We explain here.

*Nowitzki practiced on Monday will no lingering effects of having tweaked his ankle. DB.com will be at practice today with an update.

*Wednesday night is big for another reason, too: The DB.com Mavs TV Party! All the info is here, everyone is invited ... and we look forward to meeting you at Red Rock Bar & Grill on Wednesday!

The DallasBasketball.com Mavs Podcast, y'all!

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