Mavs Podcast: 4 Trade Ideas

The Mavs are on a homestand they hope will be fueled by the return of B-Wright. They have gotten bad doctor news on Devin Harris. And with so many NBA trade windows opening now, Mike 'The Machine' Marshall wants Dallas to do a deal ... inside, the infamous Mavs Podcast also featuring Mike Fisher and Kevin Turner a few cuss words.

The Dallas Mavericks are back home and are of course the centerpiece of the Mavs Podcast here on iTunes and up and running featuring Mike Fisher, Kevin Turner and Mike Marshall!

They are dealing with a setback involving Devin Harris' toe. That "Christmas present'' might no longer even be a "New Year's Resolution.'' Maybe Devin's return is an "Easter Egg''?
The Mavs are benefiting from the explosive return from the injury list of Brandan Wright ... and the boys make a case for him being vaulted into coach Carlisle's starting lineup.

And how about some Trade Machinin' from The Machine? If it's not going to be Asik ... how about a Luol Deng idea? Or an Arron Agustin Afflalo idea? Or an Anderson Varejao idea? Or a Kyle Lowry idea?

We break 'em down and invite you to pull up a chair to the hoops roundtable and let's pass it around the perimeter ...

The Mavs Podcast, y'all!

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