Trade Rumor Traffic: Evan Turner To Mavs?

Rumors that have Dallas chasing the Sixers' very available Evan Turner suggest that the Mavs are undergoing a shift in organizational philosophy. He's a young talent on the market, so isn't that a fit in Dallas? From inside Mavs HQ, their philosophy on these matters and their opinion of Turner as it relates to the rent-a-player concept. Trade Rumor Traffic:


The Philadelphia 76ers are openly shopping forward Evan Turner. From Charlotte to Phoenix and everywhere in between there are potential buyers -- or, at least, rumored potential buyers.

In that latter category are your Dallas Mavericks.

Turner, a 6-foot-7 forward, averages 18.1 points and six rebounds this season for the 76ers. He is a blue-chip talent on paper who struggles as a perimeter shooter and with turnovers.

But he's a talent.


Now, is he a talent worth "renting'' for three months? Because that's the reality of this situation.

"A guy in that situation would be a rent-a-player, yes,'' a Mavs source tells

First of all, dismiss the report out of Ohio that claims the Mavs think "they're a piece away from challenging the likes of the Thunder and Spurs ... If they can get Turner for a draft pick, they'll do it.''

That report is fabricated -- as evidenced by the fact Dallas doesn't have a (first-round) draft pick to give in trade. (And giving up a pick isn't a salary match, anyway.)

Nor, frankly, does Evan Turner possess the talents to fuel Dallas' vault to first place in the West. (Which seems self-evident and barely worth mentioning.)

If there is a rent-a-player who truly is that elusive "missing piece," Dallas would consider altering its philosophy. Player X is a soon-to-be-free agent who comes to Dallas for three months, is on a given night a performance peer of Dirk's (or at least Ellis') and then disappears on July 1?

That player might be worth giving up ... something.


But what is it Dallas has to offer for that hypothetical star? If the Mavs are sacrificing, say, Shawn Marion, isn't that a spinning of wheels?

By the way, watch and see: Even though Philly is clearly trying to move him for a pick, rumor-mongers will attach Marion's name to this deal in the coming days.

But the reality will always be this: The real value obtained by the team that gets Turner isn't Turner the player for three months (though if he goes to Charlotte, he really could give the franchise a temporary boost that has value). What the Mavs would truly be "buying" are Turner's Bird Rights and RFA rights, since his contract expires at season's end.
The team with his rights would have to make Turner a qualifying offer of about $8.7 million to restrict him. ... and then the bidding begins. Teams that are in love with Turner can wait until the summer and try to outbid his owner without giving up a piece now. The Mavs will have room to do that, but ...


The Mavs are not in love with Evan Turner.

So a trade for him now gets you some temporary value this season ... unless you actually have to give up a piece to get him. And it gives you some minor value this offseason ... unless some team loves him a lot more than you do.

I am told by Mavs HQ that there are players Dallas would bend its rent-a-player philosophy for. (And yes, that's something we'll explore in the coming days). ... but that Evan Turner is not at all high on that list.

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