Inside Mavs HQ: Dallas' Stand On Granger

Danny Granger is working his way to a buyout escape from his post-trade destination of Philly. How much does the former Pacers standout have left in the tank? Where will he land? And when observers tie him to a future in Dallas, do observers have any idea what they're talking about? has the scoop from inside Mavs HQ:

Let's dispense with the Dallas Mavericks-related niceties right off the bat:

RealGM apparently "broke of story'' of the Mavs being a finalist in the Danny Granger sweepstakes with this tweet:

Should he get buyout to become free agent, Danny Granger will likely decide among Heat, Clippers, Bulls, Spurs, Mavs, sources tell RealGM.

This is news ... in the sense that it's "news'' to the Mavs.

Granger, 30, was a standout player in Indiana -- a face-of-the-franchise guy over the course of nine seasons and a Larry Bird favorite -- who has been robbed of his previous effectiveness due to a series of injuries. He was a good soldier in Indiana and was a support player for a team that is bidding to win the title ...

And the Pacers dumped him.

He was traded to 15-41 Philly for Evan Turner, and is now trying to work his way out of Philly with a buyout.

That's where the facts end. And where the speculation begins.

Sources tell that Granger is definitively a candidate to move to the Heat. Beyond that are guesses -- guesses based on Granger almost certainly wanting to "chase a ring'' (as one source put it), which means the Spurs figure to be on his list.

Should Dallas get in on this?

You are always in the asset-buying business, but Granger -- who averaged 25.8 points per in 2008-09 -- is no longer the All-Star he once was. He is, instead, a guy who was giving the loaded Pacers 8.3 points and 3.6 rebounds per.

One NBA scout (not from the Mavs) tells, "He's about out of gas.''

The combination of that judgment and the likelihood of Granger wishing to play in Miami causes the Mavs' lack of involvement here. ... and we say that while acknowledging that our respected friend Marc Stein included Dallas "adept training team'' as a reason Granger should look at the Mavs.

But that doesn't mean he is. Nor does it mean the Mavs are looking at him.

We don't have all the answers on other buyout guys. (Though it seems Big Baby Davis is narrowing his non-Dallas choices to the Clippers over the Nets, and it seems our old friend Jason Terry is going to spend the rest of the season in injury-rehab while living in Dallas instead of Sacto.)

But we do have answers on Granger, acquired by cutting through the hullabaloo and assumptions.

An example:

Old pal Bill Ingram tweets: "(If) the Spurs add Danny Granger, it's all over.'

Our investigative pinprick Kevin Brolan challenged that. To which Bill responded:

"Granger is fantastic in limited minutes where all he has to do is catch and shoot.''

Hmm. At this point, our investigative gentleman (no prick here) Michael Dugat politely chimes in:

"FYI, Granger is shooting 35.6 percent on catch-and-shoot field goals this year. That ranked him ninth on the Pacers. He's 34.1 percent on catch-and-shoot 3's. That ranked him eighth on the team.''

In other words -- politely: Granger is near out of gas, doesn't do well at things people think he does well, wants to ring-chase his way to Miami and, unless other clubs pass on him and the Mavs find themselves in need, isn't on Dallas' radar.

Anything contrary to that is news ... in the sense that it's "news'' to the Mavs.

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