Lakers' Hill To Mavs? The Odd Blockade

Most of the Mavs' problems when it comes to involving themselves in trade talks is that they have too little to give. In the odd case of their contact with the Lakers regarding power forward Jordan Hill, they have the opposite problem: They have too much to give. The unique story from inside Mavs HQ:

The Dallas Mavericks are continuing to touch base and in the case of the Lakers' Jordan Hill, are smartly following somebody else's bread crumbs down the trail.

Yahoo was the first to report that the Lakers have had discussions on a deal to send forward Jordan Hill to the Nets. Woj's story specifically and importantly mentions that the Nets have a $5.25 million Disabled Player Exception that they can use in a transaction.

And the definition of a "Disabled Player Exception'' is where the Mavs (don't) come in.

Dave McMenamin of ESPNDallas is the first to report of Dallas investigating Hill's availability, and the call rings true. Hill is 26 and is a functional big man who is averaging 8.5 points and seven rebounds in 19 minutes for the Lakers. ... and LA is giving him away for nothing?

Of course you call. Just as you do on Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo.

But there's a problem.

The Nets' offer (which if accepted ends up making their luxury-tax penalty amazingly high) is a match with Hill's money. ... and Hill's money is what LA is really concerned about here.

This is the part of the story that, near as I can tell, has gone unwritten: The Lakers, wealthy as they are, have no reason to be a taxpayer in this unsuccessful season. If they dump Pau Gasol and dump Hill, they are out of the taxpaying range and save a fortune.

But in Dallas' case, a Hill acquisition would mean finding a salary match -- and the Lakers don't WANT to take on a salary match. They want to give away Hill in exchange for air.

So in a weird way, Dallas is unlikely to acquire Jordan Hill for nothing because the Mavs don't have a "nothing'' to give.

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