Donuts: 12 Mavs Truths On Trade Deadline Week

The Mavs are already working the phones. Calls are coming in as fast as they're going out, some on things we can't talk about (yet) and others on things we don't know about (yet). But Friday Mavs Donuts gets you started with a load of information: '12 Truths About The Mavs And The Trade Deadline.' Come inside!

DONUT TRUTH 1: Phone (and in-person activity) ...

At various levels, Dallas Mavericks are absolutely active in recent days when it comes to communication with other clubs.

Mark Cuban has his contacts. Others throughout the organization have theirs. Feelers are put out everywhere and at different levels ...
And interestingly, the presence of the Mavs' D-League affiliate Texas Legends add a layer to the opportunities to visit.

Mavs boss Donnie Nelson is also the owner of the Legends. Members of the staffs sometimes cross-pollinate, if you will. Information gathered in Frisco can benefit the information-hungry downtown at Mavs HQ.

On an average night in Frisco, the talents of P.J. Hairston and Devin Ebanks and company draw scouts and executives from four NBA teams.

But those visits aren't just scouting visits; they are information-exchanges ... and I already have a feeling that two recent exchanges in Frisco will have ramifications downtown.

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DONUT TRUTH 2: Draft value ....

The riches of the 2014 NBA Draft and the chance to land young talent at a bargain salary has fueled desires for first-round draft picks in every deal. When Philly talks about giving you Turner and giving you Hawes, they also talk about making certain they get a No. 1 pick back in exchange for each.

Dallas can't play that game, and in fact, I'm told by a GM from another team that the NBA has been given the impression Cuban has no intention of parting with the No. 2 pick Dallas owns via Boston ... It figures to be a "high-2,'' and again, the riches of this draft add to its value.

Oh, and maybe the Mavs are prepared to be more serious than ever about using the draft as a way to acquire rookie talent rather than as a way to throw a sweetener into a deal.
DONUT TRUTH 3: Rondo? Not really ...

Last summer, broke the story of Dallas and Boston kicking around the idea of a Rajon Rondo trade. The visits were legit but the Mavs never really had the ammunition to get serious there.

The Mavs have more ammunition now. But still not enough. Boston will be demanding a huge package for Rondo if it is listening at all. That's fair enough and it essentially leaves Dallas out of the running.

DONUT TRUTH 4: Standing pat ...

Dallas is perfectly willing to run with the roster it has and see how far it can go. And that's no bluff, as the Wizards learned when they inquired about getting some point-guard help from the Mavs.

There is promise in what Dallas has done so far, sitting 10 games above .500 at 31-21 and in sixth place in the West playoff race ... oh, and maybe a little tinkering from being way better on D, too.

DONUT TRUTH 5: Buyers or Sellers? ...

There is no debate: The Dallas Mavericks' version of "being opportunistic" this year means "being a buyer.''

So there are no plans presently to peel off assets this year, no trying to turn a Marion, Carter, Harris, or other expiring contract into a pick for later help.
The only exception might come with the expendable Wayne Ellington, a man with no minutes here who could represent some minor summer cap-room savings if given a chance to play elsewhere.

DONUT TRUTH 6: A 'Harden Homer' ...

I spoke to Rockets GM Daryl Morey this week, and among my many impressions (that I'll put in print shortly): What he wants to do with Omer Asik is hit a "Harden homer.'' That is, trade his solid player in Asik (like Kevin Martin before him) for a stud.
As you can imagine, if that's Morey's position, the Mavs pretty much come up short.

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DONUT TRUTH 7: Renting Evan Turner ...

Dallas has very low interest in the Sixers' Evan Turner. They seemingly don't love him enough to play the rent-a-player game, as we explain exclusively here.

DONUT TRUTH 8: Larry Sanders' future ...
He's a knucklehead and now he's hurt ... but maybe the Bucks have been saved from a rushed deal to get rid of big man Larry Sanders and can now think this through.

Next summer, maybe? Yes. Why not now? As an extended rookie contract where the extension hasn't begun yet, his contract falls in the "Poison Pill" category, only counting as $3.05 million in outgoing salary in a trade but as $9.41 million incoming to the other team, creating huge trade-matching obstacles.

We're working on a larger Sanders/Mavs angle, but for now, this is tuck-away information on a back-burner idea.

DONUT TRUTH 9: Join Boards! ...

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DONUT TRUTH 10: Patience is a virtue ...

As excited as we are to dive into trade-deadline week, we share the Mavs big-picture thoughts on Asset Management here: Rather than waste assets now, the Mavs thinking is that there will be huge opportunity in the summer ... if circumstances mean they need to wait.
For example, they could use another center, and we're likely to see talents like Gortat, Gasol, Asik, (all of whom they like at the right price, we understand) and perhaps several other good ones be on the market then.

But they are still cooking up ideas. And so are we. Give us a little time year and we will "Amateur GM'' the heck out of a way to pluck talent from the dysfunctional Cavaliers.

And by the way: Execs from three teams who I've visited with this week think the Cavs are sellers. So their bluff about being otherwise isn't working.

UPDATE: The "Amateur GM'' piece on how and why to trade B-Wright for Varajeo is published here.

DONUT TRUTH 11: Mo' money, no problems ...

This is a fact that's been stated to me numerous times in recent days, and can be applied in many fashions: Mark Cuban is not not frightened off by this guy's "poison pill'' or that guy's "bloated final year'' or so-and-so's "balloon payment.''

If Dallas is unable to make a deal, know that it wasn't because money was the blockade.

DONUT TRUTH 12: The Final Word ....
The Mavs are already working the phones. Calls are coming in as fast as they're going out, some on things we can't talk about (yet) and others on things we don't know (yet).

For us, All-Star Weekend is about Dirk (and about your chance to win some cool stuff Nowitzki signed for to give to you) ... but it's also about NBA execs having even more of the face-to-face encounters as described above. ...

As always ... stay tuned, and thanks for being involved with!

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