Regarding Our Busted-Up Discussion Boards

It is my hope that my corporate fathers will permanently repair Boards so this weeks-long Mavs fans' nightmare can be ended, and that it's done before I put my fist through my laptop. For now, I can pass along their updates and tell you that - seriously - we all need to meet and first beer is on me.

The Dallas Mavericks' 110-108 buzzer-beating win at New York on Monday means a 3-0 road-trip sweep for a team that has won nine of its last 11 games and clearly isn't ready to settle for eighth in the West just yet.

Here's Dirk's "Don't-show-the-highlight'' highlight:

But the start of this week also means something less pleasant: The continuing problems with Boards.

For 14 years, that's been where you and I and thousands of other Mavs fans have hung out to talk about outcomes like this one, in which Dirk "lucked'' his way into a game-winner.

But twice in the last week, some techno glitch has gotten in the way of that shared enjoyment.'s association with Fox Sports/Scout is a wonderful one ... and they are the first to acknowledge that my partnership with them was created in part to avoid problems like this -- problems that are impacting Scout sites across the country.

I'll pass along to you that the higher-ups say they are "sorry to report we do not have imminent good news. Our repeated attempts to restore the forums database cluster from backups have all failed. ... We have simultaneously experienced problems, as mentioned earlier, with the storage media underlying the databases, one reason this has become unusually difficult to fix.

"We are currently hand-carrying additional hardware into the datacenter so we can run multiple restoration processes in parallel. We worked through the night last night, and will continue working as long as necessary to resolve the problem.''
Now, if you know me, you know that all of that is gibberish to me. I'm a sportswriter; I don't know what a "database cluster'' is.

But we've got ourselves another sort of "cluster,'' alright. And it is as frustrating for me as it is for you ... which the added displeasure that it's also embarrassing for me.

I do trust that they'll keep banging away and you can trust me: We'll pick the bar. I'm buying the first beer.

Along with my apology and the continuing content on the homepage, that's what I promise.

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