Mavs Donuts: Carlisle & Fish On 105.3 The Fan

I'm co-hosting the morning show Friday on 105.3 The Fan. Reasons to hang out? My guest list includes ex-star running back Eddie George, PFT's Mike Florio, comedian Carlos Mencia, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer and, at 8:15, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle! Join us while you eat your Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Fish on The Fan...

This morning, I'm co-hosting on 105.3 The Fan with Nathan Wood ("Wood & Fish'') in for New School. Trying to do regular hosts Shan Shariff and R.J. Choppy proud, we've got a stacked show:

*The results of my one-on-one with DeMarcus Ware -- "The Saddest 20-Millionaire''

*At 7:30, an in-studio visit from comedian Carlos Mencia
*At 8 a.m., former college and NFL star running back Eddie George

*"Uncle Fishstories'' -- a Super Bowl tale about Troy Aikman and Tanya Tucker

*At 8:30, ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio

*At 9:30, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer

*And mixed in, at 8:15, your Dallas Mavericks appointment: coach Rick Carlisle joins the show to talk about "Russian Roulette'' and "making hard work of sex'' and tonight's AAC visit from the Nuggets.

Get yourself to a radio or listen live online here to 105.3 The Fan!

DONUT 2: "Russian Roulette'' ...

To what is Rick referring when he brings up "Russian Roulette''?

He's talking about letting a home game against a team with an inferior record come down to a final play or two in OT ... as happened Wednesday against Minnesota, as we detail here.
Somewhere in the mess of that self-inflicted-wound result, we've got responsibility taken by the centerpiece, Dirk Nowitzki, who scored 27 the hard way and was still outdueled by Kevin Love's 35.

"I thought everybody (else) was phenomenal," said Nowitzki, who made just 11 of 27 shots in the game and is just 17-of-44 from the field during the last two outings. "I just couldn't get it done."

Credit to Dirk for being responsible. More credit will be given tonight after he works his way through things to be the centerpiece of a victory.

DONUT 3: Nuggets at Mavs ...

And just when you thought you'd seen enough of a non-contender in the West who nevertheless gives Dallas fits ...

Here come the Denver Nuggets.

The 31-37 Nuggets tonight attempt to make it a four-game season sweep of Dallas when they visit the AAC. Denver's starting to play well -- it has won four of its last five games -- but it now seems to always play well against Dallas. Denver is 5-1 against the Mavs over the past two seasons.

The Nuggets are getting better on the floor and getting healthier, too. Ty Lawson (sinus infection) and Wilson Chandler (hip) missed Wednesday's win over Detroit but both are expected to play tonight to supplement the work of Kenneth Faried, who is averaging 22.1 points and 10.8 rebounds over the past eight games.

The Mavs are 41-28 and in a virtual tie for seventh place with the Grizzlies. It's a 7:30 tip and The 75-Member Staff will bring you full coverage all day and night!

DONUT 4: Stat O' The Day ...

Mavericks guard Monta Ellis is at his best when he creates his way to the rim. But in the last five games, he's also hot from the arc. He's made 7-of-12 from 3-point range over that span.

DONUT 5: What is a 'Billiken,' anyway? ...

Maybe you have to be a graduate of Saint Louis University and a basketball junkie to know, to care, and to explain it. Smile
Our man Jonathan Auping -- thrilled with last night's OT win, of course -- is all those things, so his angle on "March Madness'' answers the question.

"What is a 'Billiken,' anyway?''

DONUT 6: Where's Cubes? ...

If you don't see Mark Cuban at the game tonight, know that he's chosen to slip out of town just this once during the eight-game homestand ... to go film a Hollywood cameo for the big-screen version of "Entourage.''

And if you were him, you'd probably do the same damn thing.

DONUT 7: Too hard on Dalembert? ...

Our David Lord on how maybe the fact Sam Dalembert doesn't live up to expectations is in part the fault of those expectations, and more:

I think much of Daly's "problem" (if you want to call it that) is the expectation that he can play at his peak every game. But no one does that - there's a wide range of possibilities between a player's ups and downs.

And with big men especially, they get labeled as "unmotivated" based on facial expression, variation in performance, and so on, in a way that rarely happens with other players. We just assume that, due to their size advantage, they will automatically excel every time on the floor, and it doesn't work that way.

We're dealing with human performance and competitive environment, and results that can differ greatly from game to game are simply the nature of the beast. Coaches strive to get consistency - and consistency nearer the top rather than the bottom - from each player, but they're all different.

If you know D-Lord, you recognize this thought process: Fair, deep, and non-linear. ... even if you don't necessarily agree with it.

DONUT 8: Come and get us! ...

Places to hook up with us? Do so with me on Twitter, do it with the gang on Boards and specifically watch the game while playing around in our Mavs-Nuggets GameThread!

DONUT 9: Quotable ...

"We're trying to be a team that can win in the playoffs, not just eek in. ... We've got to turn it around and we've got another team coming in here Friday that's been murder for us because of the matchups. It's going to be the same kind of game. We've got to get ourselves right by Friday." - Rick Carlisle

DONUT 10: This Space For Hire ...

About five ago, the idea started seriously bubbling up: Why aren't we selling advertising space on NBA jerseys?

Next thing you know, WNBA teams did it. And the Mavs practice jerseys featured ads. And at the D-League level, the Texas Legends have taken to wearing 24 different jerseys for all 24 home games -- each featuring a different corporate sponsor linked with a different charity that benefits.

And five years from now? The revenue stream will be tapped at the NBA level.

Some experts put the per-team value of such a campaign as high as $100 million. How big will the ad be? How many of them will there be? Why not NASCAR the thing out ... knowing people will eventually get used to it? (And we will, you know.)

New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver tells AdvertisingAge:

"It just creates that much more of an opportunity for our marketing partners to get that much closer to our fans and to our players. It gives us an opportunity just to have deeper integration when it comes to those forms of sponsorship. ... Increasingly as we see Champions League and English Premier League televised in the U.S., I think it's going to become more acceptable and more commonplace for our fans as well."

Within five years. Consider this done.

DONUT 11: Thanks, Red Rock! ...
When you're hanging out in North Dallas looking for sports on a 200-inch TV, live music and fun atmosphere, come hang out at Red Rock Bar & Grill like the 75-Member Staff does! See you there this weekend!

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

The Mavs in free agency? Maybe I've grown impatient over the years, but I'm prepared to overpay, to take a chance, to embrace imperfection in a star.

Which is why this Boards thread - "I'm starting to warm up to the idea of Melo'' - is so popular. Discuss. Dive in. Two thousand looksees (as of 4 a.m. today) can't be wrong.

DONUT 13: The Finest Dentists in North Texas! ...

At, Dr. Berlin, Dr. Markham, Dr. Lynch and Dr. Wood have been providing the finest in everything from technology to chair-side manner for years, to our family and to so many of you. Their great work has part of us bringing our Mavs coverage to you since 1995 ... And we're proud to be associated with The Finest Dentists in North Texas ...!

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