GM Donnie Donuts: Mavs State Of The Union

'The plan is again to create a championship-caliber team,' Mavs GM Donnie Nelson of the summer ahead. 'We've got some holes we've got to fill. We've got some different issues that we'll deal with over the course of the offseason.' Mavs Donuts deals with those issues - and I Wash Donnie's Truck - in the GM's 'State Of The Union Address':

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DONUT 1: Donnie on the 2013-14 Mavs ...

"I'm just really, really proud. ... We're going to make every effort to try to get those free agents that we do have back in a Mavericks uniform next year. ... We're not a perfect team. But the heart that was poured out in that series, which could have easily been … you know, it's the best team in the league and we took them all the way to the end. It's a Finals-type atmosphere that we were playing in. I'm just exceptionally proud and honored to share a locker room with those guys.''
DONUT 2: On dealing with Dirk …

"Obviously, Dirk's not going anywhere. He's built this franchise. He's been with us from Day 1. Certainly, there's negotiations to take place, but he loves this city and he wants to call it his home. We certainly reciprocate those feelings, so our hope is we'll get something done that's not only in Dirk's best but also affects the flexibility of the future of the Mavericks."

Not the flexibility of the Rockets, by the way. The flexibility of the Mavs. (Get exclusive info on the dollars and sense of Dirk's contract here.)

DONUT 3: On help for Dirk …

"We understand that Dirk does need help and that he needs a shot in the arm. Monta's been just a terrific addition, as are the rest of the guys in that locker room, but [Nowitzki] can't do it alone like he did in the old days. The middle ground is to get him the kind of help he needs and also do the right thing by him for the career that he's had here in Dallas."

(Help, like, from a Kevin Love trade? We detail that dream here.)

DONUT 4: More on Monta …

"We've just seen a gradual comfort with Monta over the course of the entire year. With the exception of the last game – and all of us wish we would have had that one back – he is in a lot of respects shouldered a lot of the heavy lifting alongside Dirk. ... We've taken a step in the right direction (toward making Dirk the second-best player on the team) with Monta. He's really, especially in the playoffs, taken a step forward. But we're looking for more.


"I would say that his outside shot is the one thing that – and he would agree – to get that up to the next level … if he can make that mid-range jump shot on a consistent basis, I don't know how you guard him.''

DONUT 5: On Devin Harris …

"Devin has just meant the world to this franchise. It was an awkward situation this summer with his injury. Our big goal for Devin was to be healthy and not to have that toe be an issue. We had minute restrictions and that was all for his best interests medically. We look forward to Devin being a permanent fixture within the Mavericks organization. We hope that will be the case."

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DONUT 6: On Shawn Marion …

"Shawn was a key component not only of our current success, but bringing a championship here. Obviously, there's lots of decisions on his side and ours. But we'd love to have him continue to ride off into the sunset with guys like Dirk and Vince."

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DONUT 8: On Rick Carlisle and his defensive emphasis …

"We won a championship and we didn't have the best individual defenders and I think that's a credit to our head coach. He, I think, gets the absolute most out of players, especially in their golden years. So I think if we had this same crew come lace them up next year, I'd feel real good about our chances."

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DONUT 9: On free-agent shopping …

"Yes, there are some free agents. At the right time, we'll take a look at those. (But) the free agent board isn't an exceptionally rich one this summer. The following summer is certainly one that some folks have circled.

"Look, the ultimate goal is to bring a championship here to Dallas as quickly as possible. We also respect those that have put us in this position, so those are the two things that we've got to blend. We've got our work cut out because we've got six free agents who have given us their heart and soul, some of which are short-term and some of which are long-term. Mark made it public in the locker room (after Game 7 in San Antonio) that he would like to have every one of those guys back, but there's negotiation. There's opportunity for those guys to experience free agency. We're one of 30 teams in the NBA, so it's got to be right for both sides."

DONUT 10: On Cuban and the 'arsenal' …

"To win a championship, you have to have lots in that arsenal. And certainly Mark is willing and gracious to spend as much as it takes. He's proven that over the years. But the reality is we got a cap and we got to work within some confinement. And so, having players that can perform at a high level at decent numbers is a key."

DONUT 11: On a deep draft ...
"I don't know of any young guys outside the lottery that are going to be impact players, but it is a deep draft. The difference between the early 20s and the 40s, I think most NBA guys have that kind of being the same pool of players, so we're fairly well-positioned with the 35th pick. It's got first-round potential. And then of course we've got our later second-round pick. So we'll be aggressive as always. We've got free agency, draft to put the best possible product on the floor next year."

The best Mavs draft coverage is here, where with a search you can find's exclusive info on pre-draft visitors to Dallas.

DONUT 12: Donnie's Final Word …

"The plan is again to create a championship-caliber team. We've got some holes we've got to fill. With that being said, of course we've got some different issues that we'll deal with over the course of the offseason.

"We ... understand that you've got to have firepower in that arsenal in order to win championships. So it's going to be an action-packed summer."

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