Cap Tip: Mavs' Devin Gets $16.56M For 4

The Mavs 'prioritized' Devin Harris on the first night of free agency. And while July 1 seems long ago, the patience has paid off, Dallas giving the point guard a four-year, $16.56-mil deal with what we first thought would be the tiniest possible first-year salary. But ...

The Dallas Mavericks still have some cap-related toys to play with. But the cap room itself is about gone with the finalization of the Devin Harris deal.

Our Thursday morning speculation that Devin may have been promised $16 mil over four years, rather than $9 mil over three years (in which case Donnie's "only nickels'' statement makes sense) has come ... close.

We have the exact numbers now:

3,878,896 - first year
4,053,446 - second year
4,227,996 - third year
4,402,546 - fourth year ($1,339,662 guaranteed)

Total 16,562,886

Guaranteed money: $13.5 million (to the penny)

Remaining cap room - exactly 0

Want to know exactly what the Mavs' cap sheet looks like, right down to that "0''? Premium Mavs Fans get that here.

More up Dallas' sleeve? Yes, with the room-MLE and trade dumping and the rest. But the Mavs' 17-day courtship with Devin is, finally, done.

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