Game 4 Quoteboard: Spurs 93, Mavs 89

'I was so disappointed with our no-show in the first half that it's hard for me to mitigate it with fighting for 24 minutes out of 48 minutes in a game with this kind of meaning,' Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said of the Spurs' 93-89 G4 win. 'I'm glad we showed that we were willing and able to fight in the second half, but the way we performed just competitively in the first half was inexcusable.'

The Quoteboard (sponsored by HREF=""> ) following the Dallas Mavericks' 93-98 loss to the Spurs in Monday's Game 4 of this first round series, now even at 2-2:

Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki

"We've got to play a little harder in the first half. I thought we set the tone pretty good in the first few minutes. Usually, when we come out of the gates pretty good, I like our chances for the rest of the game. It puts us automatically into the game and an aggressive mindset.

"But for some reason, they completely turned that around on us after the first couple of minutes. We were on our heels the rest of the half."

Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle

(On the fight that the Mavericks put to get back in the game when they were down 20)

"I'm so disappointed in our no show in the first half that it's hard for me to mitigate it with fight for 24 minutes out of 48 minutes a game with this kind of meaning. So, I'm glad we showed that we were willing and able to fight in the second half but the way we performed, just competitively, is inexcusable."

(On the impact of DeJuan Blair and then not

having him down the stretch after his ejection) "Blair gave us a lot of energy, a lot of force and he gave us a physical presence. And then, I only saw one view of it and it was a distorted view on the coaches feed, so I didn't see exactly what happened but Scott Foster is one of the best officials. If he said that there was a technical foul there and an ejection then there probably was. They looked at it on the film too. So, we have to avoid plays like that after the whistle. DeJuan is a smart player, that's just an emotional reaction to something but those are the kind of things that you just have avoid."

(On why Dirk Nowitzki cant get going)

"Let's quit talking about missed shots. Let's talk about guys getting up and getting into people the way we did in the second half. We were missing shots in the first half because we weren't defending. Look, this is a long series, the shot making is going to even out. Trust me when I say that. In my 30th year in this league I can tell you that for a fact. What doesn't work is showing up and laying an egg the way we did in the first half. The majority of it is on me that I didn't have these guys ready to go."

Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich

(On the play of the bench….)

"The bench did a fine job in what we've been use to for the season. It was a big help for us tonight."

(On his team's defense in the third quarter….)

"We were playing a good team and they played really well. It's the playoffs. Every team is going to make runs…you're not going to play great anything for 48 minutes. They came out very physical in the third quarter. They did a good job. We had a couple turnovers, a couple of bad shots and it turned. It's not just defense…it's a lot of things when you go up by a bit or give up a run. It happens in every game."

(On the Mavs DeJuan Blair ejection…)

"We got an extra free-throw. Nobody is going to throw that away. I think DeJuan did a good job."

(On Manu Ginobli being effective with the pick-and-roll…)

"That's what Manu has done for his entire time in the NBA. He's good at that just like Dirk is good at things….that's what Manu does."

(On the play of Tony Parker this series…)

"He didn't have a great game by any means but it happens. He will be fine. I don't think the same guys are going to play great in a series. It's usually different guys on different nights."

(On getting defensive stops…)

"Holding them to 89 is lot better than 109 and that's what has to happen."

Mavs guard Monta Ellis

"They're a great team. They did everything they could to get that lead. Hats off to them. They came out and played basketball.

"We didn't play for 48 minutes, and it cost us the game."

Spurs Forward Boris Diaw

"We knew that we could do better. We didn't play the same like we did during the regular season."

(Did you feel like you could take advantage of Dirk when he had four fouls?)

"I was a little worried because I was trying to make him foul, but at the same time he didn't want to foul. I ended up being open, but sometimes you have to focus on your shot and try to make him foul. It was a good approach because we knew that he wanted to stay in the game."

(Tell us about the play that produced the three point basket at the end)

"It was just a regular pick and roll. Usually during the game we do a pick and roll for Tony and Manu, it depends. We try to put Dirk Nowitzki in a pick and roll because it's harder for him than for Dalembert, for example, to switch on Tony. It's harder for Dirk to be able to help and come back to the player that set the screen. That's why I was the one on that pick and roll. That's exactly what happened. He helped on Tony and he was a little late and I was wide open for the three."

(Did DeJuan Blair getting ejected change the momentum?)

"A little bit. I don't think it was something crazy, but it was a play to be reviewed. It was just one free throw for the technical foul and we didn't get the ball back or anything. I don't think it was major."

Mavs forward DeJuan Blair

"I mean, it was an accident, so we'll see what happens. It wasn't intentional. I was just reacting to a call that I thought didn't go my way."

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