Game 3 Quoteboard: Mavs Nip Spurs

It's a play Dallas has run before. The Mavs needed it to win Game 3. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle told Vince Carter, 'Hey, you're going to get the ball and you're going to knock it down.' Vince responded, 'OK, no problem.' And then it was 'no problem,' Carter hitting the left-corner buzzer-beating 3 for Dallas 109-108 win over the Spurs in Game 3. Quoteboard:

Dallas Mavericks 109, Spurs 108 thanks to a heart-stopping Vince game-winner (see M-Dug's rollercoaster essay here) ... And thanks to we've got your Quoteboard:

Spurs Guard Tony Parker

(You got off to a great start, what did Dallas do defensively to change things?) "It just happened over the flow of the game. In the second half I played less. I don't know, they didn't do anything special defensively, they were doing the same thing."

(On the heartbreaker) "I think we did enough. We played good defense. We shot 54% on the road, that's great. We moved the ball and got a lot of assists and lost on a shot like that. That's basketball. You just have to keep the morale good in the locker room and come back on strong on Monday,"

(What's changed with them after SA beat them 7-8 straight times?) "You have to give them credit, they are playing great. They are shooting the ball very well, and they are very aggressive. Right now they are playing with a lot of confidence."

(Do you think their backcourt is giving you issues?) "I thought we did pretty good because we controlled Harris. Calderon made some shots, but overall I thought we did pretty good. It was more Ellis that was hurting us today."

Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle

(On describing the last play of the game) "Without looking into the details of all of our plays, it's an option. It was going to have to be a quick shot. Any pump fake was going to have to be quick. It was a great catch and Jose [Calderon] did a great job of getting him the ball because [Manu] Ginobili was denying it. The execution of the shot was great, obviously. Vince really deserves it. He's been so good for us and he's been about so many of the right things. You always hope that a guy like this can have a moment like this in a big playoff game. So, I'm really happy for him and we survived it. It was not looking good with two minutes to go down five but the guys hung in and we got the ball in the basket a couple of times and made a big play at the end."

(On the play of Samuel Dalembert) "Sam was real active and he's just has got to keep doing what he is doing. When his activity is like this, he's rebounding it and he's got a presence at the rim it makes such a big difference for us. We need him to do that. Blair had a huge game last game and [Brandon] Wright had a big game the first game. Those guys are a tag team and between the three of them we have to get the job covered at the center position."

(On what he means when he talks about Vince [Carter] being about so many of the right things) "He's such a pro and always early and just all that kind of stuff. He's constantly preaching the message of what we are trying to be as a team and things like that. I don't want to get to hokey with it but he's been that good for us. And not just on the floor but in the locker room and all of that kind of stuff. So, I'm very happy that he knocked that shot in and it's great."

Mavs Guard Jose Calderon

(On the game-winning shot…)

"It was great at the end. Sometimes you need something like that. I think we were fighting so hard for 48 minutes against a really good team. Coming up with that great shot at the end – its feels great!"

(On the Mavs offense…)

"I think we were changing stuff up and calling different plays trying to set everybody up and trying to get open shots because it is tough to get open shots. That is the kind of basketball I think fans like to see and that basketball lovers love. And, we enjoy playing these kinds of games."

(On Calderon's offensive performance…)

"I am never going to be worried about my shot. If the shot is there I will take it. Some nights it goes in and some nights it won't. It happens sometimes – we have bad nights. It has nothing to do with your shot you just have to keep shooting. We work on those shots every day. Today I was able to make those shots at the beginning and help the team to get off to a good start and I will take it. But we don't know what will happen in the next game. We just have to keep working and try to do the best for your team."

(On the playoffs…)

"I think every game right now has been different. It looks like we saw six different teams out there. Everybody is trying to get the other team to make mistakes and that is what we do as well. But it is fun. Every game has something going on in the last minute or last 30 seconds and it has been fun."

Head Coach Gregg Popovich

(On the last play of the game….)

"Vince made a shot. Manu guarded him, he did it well and Vince made a shot. Give him credit. There was no breakdown or anything like that. Manu was right there and he did everything he could. Vince knocked it down."

(On being pleased with his team's offensive execution…)

"Sure. Both teams played well. It was a heck of game. Both teams made mistakes…both team did some things well. It came down to one shot. We made a shot then they made a shot."

(On his team's overall defensive…)

"Coaches always want to play better defense. I think there are some things that we can do better. We made some mistakes but that's why these scores aren't 20 to 12. Both teams make mistakes."

(On Kawhi's play tonight…)

"He did a great job. That is the Kawhi that we know. That is the way he has played all year long. He's doing a great job for a young kid."

Mavs owner Mark Cuban

"Monta has really made everybody look really smart. That was a dumb signing wasn't it? He was just the worst signing of the summer. Just not efficient in the playoffs. Not efficient in the regular season. ... Monta was great. They were taking a lot away from Dirk, and Monta stepped into a lot of open spaces. ... He made huge huge shots. He had the drive to the bucket that tied it. He deserves a ton of credit.''

Mavs game-winning shooter Vince Carter:

"I don't mind the pressure shot. I don't mind taking the game-winning shot. ... I think having that mentality helps me."

Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki

"The crowd went absolutely nuts. I mean, it was as loud as I've ever heard in this building."

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