Game 6: Mavs Win! Who Gets 'The Dirkie'?

'It ain't over yet,' said DeJuan Blair, the Spur-turned-Mav who is a surprising contributor to Dallas' 3-3 tie in this Round 1 series after Friday's 113-111 Mavs win in Game 6. 'We've got Game 7 on their court. Winning on their court would be the best revenge.' Revenge points count. So do your votes for 'The Dirkie':

The Dallas Mavericks hit the accelerator in Friday's Game 6 by scoring a series-best 37 points in the fourth quarter to win 113-111 over the Spurs, setting up Sunday's Game 7 in San Antonio.


A Mavs tradition: We follow a win with the awarding of "The Dirkie.'' Vote here ... for the following candidates:

Monta Ellis -- 29 points, 2 rebounds, positive pest, brass ones taking it to the rim
Dirk Nowitzki -- 22 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists - a man with a close-out history
DeJuan Blair -- The Vengeful One notches 10-14 double-double
Vince Carter -- 13 points and 6 rebounds
Jose Calderon -- 12 and 6 and a broken nose
Devin Harris -- 11 points, 2 dimes, familiar territory
Shawn Marion -- The Matrix is all around us, 7 and 4 Samuel Dalembert -- 6 points and 4 rebounds

Vote now and stick with's coverage all night and day!

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