Monta Video: 'Destined To Win This (Bleep)!'

It wasn't a brag. It wasn't said at a press conference. It wasn't a bumper-sticker slogan. It was, and is, simply the raw emotion of Monta Ellis sharing a moment with teammate Vince Carter, captured exclusively by, in which Monta tells Vince, 'We're destined to win this 'm-------.' Look and listen inside:

The Dallas Mavericks know very well how to craft a message. Smile
From the marketing department's use of social media to owner Mark Cuban's penchant for outspokenness to Dirk Nowitzki's "Let It Rip,'' there are no shortage of bumper-sticker moments with this franchise.

Indeed, "Why Not Us?'' seems to be catching on after Dallas' Game 6 win.

But sometimes the message is even better when it's real, raw and raunchy. videographer Willie Martin captured just such a moment following Dallas' Game 3 win over the Spurs at the AAC, key in propelling the Mavs to Sunday's Game 7 in San Antonio.

There is energy and jubilation from the Dirk Nowitzki-led squad. And then there is Monta Ellis, circling back to find Carter, who'd hit the dramatic 3-pointer just before the buzzer In that game (as chronicled in detail here.)

"We're destined to win this m---------,'' Monta whispers to Vince.

It's not manufactured, with a T-shirt or a hashtag attached to it (yet). It's not polished. It's not designed as bulletin-board material and shouldn't be misused or misinterpreted that way.

It's just raunchy. And raw. And real.

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