Penciling In Lamb + Rest Of Mavs Roster $

If you're keeping score at home, here's the Mavs' roster at this point, including 2014-2015 dollars and our efforts to make some sense of the group of 17 that will go to 18 that could go to 20 that will go to 15 ...

The Dallas Mavericks have yet to officially announce the signing of 6-4 shooting guard Doron Lamb. But sources tell that it is essentially a done deal, and that it's "done'' this way:

Lamb is getting what is called a "Training Camp Contract'' which can only be executed if:

1. the player is added after there are at least 14 other players on the roster
2. there is not a penny of guaranteed money
3. the contract is only a one-year deal for the minimum

A Training Camp Contract, able to be offered only when meeting the above requirements, is a unique type of contract in that it essentially says "Come to camp at your own risk." In other contracts, if the player gets injured, his contract becomes fully guaranteed (even if not otherwise guaranteed) until he is able to play again. But a "Training Camp Contract" protects the team by offering no "guaranteed-if-injured" assurance for that tryout play while the player is in camp, and is the least desirable type of contract for a player with NBA aspirations.

That distinction means it's attractive to a team when bringing a player to camp that they don't expect to have on the regular season roster. And Lamb, so far, is slated to be the only Mav signee on such a deal. Griffin is ineligible as he has a three-year deal and was the 13th guy added. (He's also ineligible due to having $150,000 in guaranteed money.) Ivan Johnson has a small guarantee, too, so he's ineligible. Aminu has a guaranteed deal, so no qualification there.

So, if you're keeping score at home, here's the roster at this point, including 2014-2015 dollars:


Assorted notes on what we're seeing here:

*The players from Aminu and down are all minimum salary players. Some have more salary that's paid by the NBA. There are some budget buys in there, and of course that begins with Dirk's considerable hometown discount.

*In my estimation, the top 12 are definitely going to be on the opening day roster (barring an unexpected trade, of course), and if Rashard Lewis is eventually signed, I consider him a lock, too. (As Fish reported long ago, the Mavs would love for Lewis to conduct his rehab in Dallas, under their watchful eye, and maybe circle back to this roster when ready.)

*I believe the rest (Johnson, Lamb, Ledo, Mekel, Griffin) are on the bubble with varying risk of not making the 15. Of that group, certainly the organization would prefer that Ledo becomes a success story.

*The Mavs presently have 17 players, going on 18. They can only carry 15. ... but the training-camp list can grow to 20.
*Can the extra bodies simply be part of getting work done in practice, or can they foreshadow trade talks?

The Mavs habitually like to let their roster grow organically once they get to camp, to see not only how players perform but also as they bond. Still, the answers to that last question are "yes'' and "yes.''

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