Mavs Scoop: Griffin's Clever 3-Yr Contract has learned of the details of the Mavs' signing of young forward Eric Griffin, and in addition to the deal reportedly being non-guaranteed, it's also a three-year agreement structured in a way that impacts the cap in a little way and allows the Mavs to work with Griffin in a long way.

The Dallas Mavericks have signed Eric Griffin to a nonguaranteed contract, and has discovered the details of the clever construction of the deal.

The 6-foot-8, 194-pound Griffin impressed the Mavs in Summer League by averaging 9.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, 2.0 blocks and 1.3 steals in 19.3 minutes. His reward: A three-year contract. ... and here's how it works:

It's for the minimum, with the first year at $507,336. Because Griffin is a rookie, the Mavs are able to sign him for the same amount as the $507,336 "roster charge for an empty roster space" and add him to their roster using within-the-cap money, rather than using the Minimum Salary Exception.

The Minimum Salary Exception is limited to a deal of two seasons or less. Using within-the-cap money allows a longer deal, of up to four seasons.

This permits more time to develop the player, while retaining exclusive control. It's the sort of setup the Mavs used with Ricky Ledo last summer.

We've been told that's exactly what the Mavs did here.

Two Mavs sources inform that Griffin's deal is for three seasons. That means the breakdown is the aforementioned $507,336, a second year of $845,059, and a third year of $980,431, for a contract total of $2,332,826.

The deal is reportedly non-guaranteed; we think it might be "lightly guaranteed''' in year one only. The purpose with Griffin - who has played professionally in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Italy in addition to spending the 2013 preseason with the Heat - is long-term development at small cost.

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