The 5 Reasons Mavs Didn't Wait On NY Trade

It probably went largely unnoticed in Dallas, but the Tyson Chandler deal not only means 'rivals' Mark Cuban and Phil Jackson worked together; this also marks Phil's first trade as an NBA GM. But why did it have to happen so fast? Wouldn't delaying this have provided Dallas with $4 mil more in cap room? The 5 Behind-The-Curtain Reasons Mavs Didn't Wait On NY Trade

The Dallas Mavericks pulled a fast trigger. Pre-draft. Pre-free agency. Pre-knowing how so many chips might fall.

We've given you the details and an insta-reaction. We've also provided a 34-Donut salute that answers many of the questions.

But now there is this: Why did it have to happen so fast?

The 5 Behind-The-Curtain Reasons Mavs Didn't Wait On The NY Trade:

1) Jackson was focused in on getting Jose Calderon.

If you wonder why, consider that Jose's the prototypical PG for the triangle; he brings the ball up the floor, then he hangs out in the corner and is a bailout option to knock down 3s at a superb rate to open up the floor for the stars to do their thing.

He's also on a reasonable contract for a starting PG, and is tied up long enough to ensure continuity.

In New York they are also talking about Shane Larkin being "prized.'' Maybe, for later. But Phil's triangle prize is Jose.

2) This deal could have been done as an over-the-cap trade (after the Mavs spent all their cap room elsewhere) at the end of free agency, and it would have been more helpful cap-wise to do it then, but Mavs felt they had to get it done now for several reasons.

3) There was also some urgency coming from the NY end, regarding (of all things) getting those two 2nd-round picks. They had no picks, and PJ/NY were a bit desperate to have something "new" to sell to their fans. 2nd rounders are usually scrubs, but the PR value to them was priceless.

*They wanted the picks (to be able to make the pick, on draft day), not the players sent to them at a later time.

*If the Knicks had gone shopping for their picks elsewhere, the Mavs had some concern that they might find some reason not to later come back and do this deal.

4) The Mavs' reasons they didn't want to wait:

*They were concerned that, as it was Phil's first-ever deal, he might change his mind later. He has no track record. They couldn't be sure how antsy he might get or how deceptive he might be.

*The Mavs also feel strongly that having the trade done greatly enhances their ability to sell Melo or LeBron on the Mavs - on a team with Chandler - rather than one without him (or rather than trying to sell them on "we can get him").

5) If the Mavs had risked it and chosen to wait, they would have been able to have an extra $4M in cap room (to use before the trade) plus a $1.5M Trade Exception (to use after). But they couldn't take that chance. Instead, they have a fired-up recruiter in the forever self-effacing Dirk Nowitzki and a lieutenant in that battle in the forever fired-up TY ... and they have them entering free agency.

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