Raw Dirk: The Video Visits

Dirk Nowitzki met the media on Friday and addressed a handful of fun issues, Mavs issues, and yeah, baseball issues. There is a behind-the-scenes story to tell and Dirk I helping DB.com tell it. But first: Video Visits with Dirk from Friday. Raw Dirk. The best Dirk.

Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki said so many right things on Friday as part of his Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game. There is a story-behind-the-story here ... but first ... Raw (if "artfully blurry'') Dirk:

Dirk on taking the Spurs to seven:

Dirk on building on last year:

Dirk on his free-agency negotiations:

Dirk on Carmelo Anthony:

Dirk on Mavs management:

Yes, "anything is possible.'' But Dirk is playing coy when he tells the media-at-large, "right now I know as much as you do.''

In fact, Nowitzki has sharply-formed thoughts on LeBron, Melo, Lance Stephenson and his own role as a Mavs recruiter. Only DallasBasketball.com has that interview with Dirk the Recruiter here.

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