Mavs Donuts: Shopping, Devin Q-A, Melo News

'Anytime you bring in a scorer of his ability, it makes it a lot easier on the rest of the guys,' Devin Harris tells 'Obviously he draws so much attention, I think he'd be great for us.' The 'he' Devin is talking about so openly? Carmelo Anthony. Yes, you need to read Tuesday Mavs Donuts!

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DONUT 1: The 20 calls ...

Mark Cuban reports that he and Mavs GM Donnie Nelson spent last night making "about 20'' touch-base contacts immediately after the 11:01 free-agent shopping window opened up.

Thanks to reader 'DevilMaskRascal,' we've got a handy "rumored contact list'' so far ...

Point Guards
Isaiah Thomas
Mo Williams
Devin Harris
Kyle Lowry
Shooting Guards
Kent Bazemore
Jason Terry
Vince Carter
Small Forwards
Luol Deng
Chandler Parsons
Trevor Ariza
Carmelo Anthony
LeBron James
Shawn Marion
Paul Pierce
Power Forwards
Dirk Nowitzki
Jordan Hill
Spencer Hawes
Pau Gasol

As all-over-the-map as that looks, there is nevertheless a profile of what the Mavs are looking for, as Cuban tells 105.3 The Fan:

"I don't know that it's positional as much as the old standard best player available. We want to get younger; we want to take some of the scoring urgency off of Dirk to complement him and Monta. We want to get better defensively ... So we're pretty much in the best-player-available type mode.''

I wrote yesterday that Dallas "would be on 27 doorsteps.'' Cuban says it's 20 so far. We've collected 18 names. More to come today.

DONUT 2: Our Q-and-A with Devin ...

The night actually began with a Mavs meet-and-greet/wine-and-dine with Devin Harris (as we note here). Appropriate, then, that visited recently with Devin on the subject of the Mavs and free agency -- his and Carmelo's:


Q: What are you focused on heading into the offseason?

DH: Besides the contract? (jokingly) No, coming in and getting better from last year. Coming off of foot surgery just making sure I'm coming in healthy and in shape, and ready to play.

Q: How do you feel about your health at this point?

DH: I feel great. I haven't felt this good in a really long time.

Q: What are you thoughts on taking the eventual champs to seven games when no one else was able to do it is (an accomplishment Cuban cites as a recruiting tool)?

DH: You take it with a grain of salt. Yes, no other team was able to do that, but I think they get better as time goes on and you just see since our series they got better in each series from there on. They rest their guys during the season so they are fresh coming into the playoffs. I mean, the Spurs a good team.

Q: What do you think about bringing in someone like Carmelo Anthony?

DH: Anytime you bring in a scorer of his ability, it makes it a lot easier on the rest of the guys. Obviously he draws so much attention, I think he'd be great for us.

DONUT 3: Where we at? ...

Where do the recent moves put Dallas, roster-wise? Where does this put Dallas, cap-wise? We've got that info here ... And our experts discuss those issues with you here on Premium Boards!

DONUT 4: Unpredictable ...

Yes. Some of what has already happened was unpredictable; hey, as of two years ago I thought by now Jason Kidd would be the Mavs' assistant GM, not the guy slicing the heads off foes on his way to becoming King of Wisconsin.

DONUT 5: Some-predictable ...

*On May 6 we intimated that the Mavs under most circumstances wouldn't likely "touch Lance Stephenson with a 10-foot pole.''

*On May 14 we wrote that employing Larry Sanders would put a "Sword of Damocles'' over Dallas' head and therefore we suggested he would end up off their radar.

*On June 2 we broke the story of Dallas' agreement with Australian star Chris Goulding.

*On June 13 we wrote how LeBron James would likely opt-out as as a leverage ploy to create room for himself and a re-loaded Heat.


*On June 17 we wrote that that trading for Tyson Chandler was the "bingo'' plan at center for the Mavs.

*On June 23, we wrote that Dallas would be targeting Trevor Ariza.

On June 12 we wrote that Javon McCrea and C.J. Fair were scheduled for AAC visits and were candidates as late-second-rounders.

Last night, among many other things, we learned of the continuing interest in Luol Deng.

Now, we'll see if Ariza turns out to be as accurate as the rest; Dallas, as much as they think of him, doesn't wish to break the piggy bank there. And check out our angle on Chandler Parsons, too. He's ballyhooed as a primary Mavs target elsewhere and Dallas did indeed contact him but there is a Parsons Project Problem.

Also, we goofed on Cuban's 11:01 dinner last night, initially assuming the guest of honor was Dirk ... when it fact it was Dinner With Devin (and then maybe Drinks and Dessert or now Donuts With Dirk.)

But overall? Blind squirrels finding nuts? Sure. Now let's go find some more!

DONUT 6: LeBron's max ...

LeBron says he wants the max. National reports say that means his next deal starts at $22 mil. We say no: Take the $63.2 mil cap x .35 (vet-years number) x .92 (adjusted-cap number) = $20.3 mil.

This is the number has been working with. It's pretty dang confirmed. It may never come into play for Dallas ... but there it is for posterity.

Just in case.

DONUT 7: Fish on 'The Fan' ...

Listen up! I'm co-hosting "Nate & Fish'' all week on 105.3 The Fan from 7 to 11 p.m. We'll be live and local sports as all the action happens and I hope you can give us a listen!


DONUT 8: 'We Love Our Boys In Blue' ...

Can we now all agree that this is a slogan innocent when taken in context but hate-able if taken literally ... and not true if taken literally, as well?

We giggled in print after Mavs Exit Interview Day when Donnie insisted 'We Love Our Boys In Blue' and we kept giggling when Carlisle stressed "continuity'' for an old team with an eighth seed.

Who really wanted to "continue'' that?

These guys are supposed to be in the "Talent Acquisition'' business, not the "continuity'' business and certainly not the "love'' business.

So Jose, Sam, Shane and Wayne are gone. More will follow.

Shoot, this organization wasn't in the "continuity'' business after it won a title! Why would it start now?

DONUT 9: The 3 Financial Keys ...

Dirk thinks it's about giving a big fish 'the keys to the city.' Tyson says it's about 'how you approach Melo so he would understand what Carlisle expects.' But along with emotional approaches come financial ones. has learned that along with Cuban 'swinging for the fences' there are three available 'keys' to open the door to the Mavs fitting in a superstar. Premium info here.

DONUT 10: Get in touch! ...

As has been the case for 14 seasons around here, we've got Mavs coverage coming all day and night with Stay tuned, and hang out on Boards as well for all the goods from inside the games, the practices and the front office ... through Summer Shopping and beyond!

DONUT 11: A Jet landing? ...

It's being suggested that Dallas should find a way to reunite with Jason Terry, a permanent DFW resident who I'm certain loves the concept.

So sure, throw that log on the fire. Teague, Livingston, Jameer, Thomas, Bazemore, Lowry ... throw 'em all on the fire, at least to reinforce the idea that supplemental roster members (and even starting point guards) can be had.


I think Jet's future is inside the AAC, either way, though. Scouting, management, "Ambassador Of Fun,'' something.

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

To answer the question of many regarding whether Dallas can hurry up and get Raymond Felton outta here before he even gets here: Yes.

For 60 days, he can't be included in a trade where his salary is aggregated for trade-matching purposes. But he can be traded immediately in a swap in which he's the only outgoing from Dallas.

I'm not trying to get your hopes up here. Just the facts, man.

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