Exclusive: Vince Exits; Did Mavs Call Wade?

The Mavs' first true punishment for waiting in line for Chandler Parsons occurred late Friday when Vince Carter accepted a deal to move to Memphis. Meanwhile, DB.com has the exclusive on the story of Dallas 'contacting' long-time Mavs foil Dwyane Wade. Premium coverage inside:

The Mavs were hoping to bring back Vince Carter under the terms of what would've been a Room MLE two-year, $5.6-million deal. The Grizzlies' three-year, $12-million deal obviously trumps that. ... and off he goes, Dallas losing the scoring, leadership and class of their 37-year-old future Hall-of-Famer. (There was a two-year price Carter would've waited for in Dallas, but it was too large to pull off while the Mavs money is locked up in the Chandler Parsons bid.)

So the Mavs - still hoping that late Sunday night Houston will decline to match on Parsons - remain in need of shooters. An assortment of Plan C's remain on the greaseboard. They include a low-priced shooting point guard like Mo Williams and a high-priced second-tier star small forward like Trevor Ariza and lots of guys in between.

Is one of those guys Miami fading star Dwyane Wade?

An ESPN mention rather casually says it is so. But a high placed source tells DallasBasketball.com the truth behind what we will politely suggest is a "misunderstanding."

Our source vehemently denies a Mavericks inquiry into Wade's status. The facts? On Friday, Dallas phoned agent Henry Thomas, who reps both Wade and Chris Bosh. The purpose of the Mavs' call was to ask about details regarding Bosh's decision between Houston and (eventual winning bidder) Miami. There was absolutely no interest in expressed on the part of the Mavs in Wade, who because of his history of Dallas-directed disrespect is maybe one of the few players that doesn't mesh on a personal level with Dirk Nowitzki.

Free agency makes strange bedfellows, of course. So does the need for a creative scoring wing, and with Parsons in limbo and with Vince gone, the Mavs presently employ neither a starter there or a proven backup there.

But desperation so deep that Dallas would inquire about nemesis Wade? No. It's not yet that deep.

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