Video Visits: Inside Mavs Draft Night

The Mavs talk up Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton and Devin Harris - and the changing nature of the NBA that precludes too much 'We Love Our Boys In Blue' thinking ... and we capture it all in Mavs Draft Night Video Visits that even include two looks at what seem to be Mavs "big boards'':

Draft Night for the Mavs wasn't so much about the draft. It was instead about:

*The Chandler trade details and an insta-reaction.

*The moving parts as we provide a 34-Donut salute that answers many of the questions.

*The five reasons the deal was done sooner rather than later, even at a cap cost.

*The willingness of Dirk to give LeBron/Melo "the keys to the city'' -- and Nowitzki telling the truth of his recruiting plans.

And, a chance for Mavs brass to explain it all in their words:

Mavs GM Donnie Nelson "sings'' the praises of trade-get and "franchise center'' Tyson Chandler:

"We're blessed to have him back,'' Donnie said.

Coach Rick Carlisle also raved about TY:

Meanwhile, Rick sounds ready to have Raymond Felton "extremely motivated'':

"Guys like him that have pride bounce back when they have bad seasons," Rick said of Felton, who played heavy and poorly last year in NY. "I know him enough from my contact with him over the years to know that he's a proud guy."

Donnie on Felton:

Rick, how about Devin Harris in this mix?

Forget "We Love Our Boys In Blue,'' we say. Rick seems to agree:

"I don't mind the roster churns, as long as there's good players coming in,'' Carlisle said. "This is a different era in the business of NBA basketball."

The Mavs traded their two second-round picks to make the TY deal. But that doesn't mean they didn't rank their guys, just in case of a buy-back-in. You'll see that here in one "big board'' in a photo and you see two different names in another version of the board:

Next up? Time to try to use Dallas' tools to lure a big fish.

Said Rick: "Monta Ellis is a star. I believe he's a draw. Dirk is a draw. Tyson will be a draw."

An important read here, Your Mavs/LeBron/Melo Free-Agency Guidebook.

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