Mavs Meet Mo? More Geography Than Priority

Mo Williams has reportedly conducted a face-to-face meeting with the Mavs - a team of which he once said, 'Dallas just healed my heart.' The examination for point-guard help is real here. But this touching-base session is more about 'geography' than it is 'priority.'

Mo Williams was supposed to be a key bench guy in Portland this year after having spent most of his NBA career as an offensive spark. Instead, at 31, he declined to averaging single digits in points per game (9.7) for the first time since his rookie year.

But by reputation, he's still a scorer, can shoot from the perimeter (36.8% from three in 74 games last year), and is a capable assist guy (4.3 per last season). Defense? Not so much, but the idea of Williams as a Plan C at the point -- and as a guy who gets some minutes there if other options fall through -- is viable.

It was viable a year ago, too; Williams, now 31, was on this same sort of long point-guard list before the Mavs paid the price to acquire the since-departed Jose Calderon. ... but he's faded, no doubt, from the mid-2000s Mo who scored 17 ppg for three straight seasons.

So why are there rumors of a Mo-and-Mavs meeting?

Because he lives and works in Dallas in the offseason.

Williams and his big family live here and oversee a hoops center and camp and an AAU program. The Mississippi native is very connection to this community and it's one of the reasons his camp brings up the Mavs every time he's been free during his long career.

Part of that career includes his recent time with coach Terry Stotts, Portland's boss who is of course a former Rick Carlisle aide.

None of this makes the 6-1, 185-pound vet a priority; there's a reason Dallas staged it's Dinner With Devin at 11:01 p.m. as soon as Summer Shopping opened. And besides Harris, there is a game of Musical Chairs at the point in the NBA right now that opens up almost endless options. Oh, and Raymond Felton exists, too.

What it does make Mo is "convenient.'' I haven't confirmed a meeting, but if the rumors are true, I assure you there was no grand presentation ... and not even the "business-and-baketball'' pitch given Melo.

Maybe they had a coffee.

But no matter what, you will like this about Mo Williams: He loved seeing your Mavs top the Heat in 2011 because it gave his pal LeBron his comeuppance.

Mo, then a Cav, was bothered when LeBron left Cleveland. But watching his other "hometown team'' from Dallas win the title soothed his mood.

"Dallas,'' Williams tweeted at the time, "just healed my heart.''

That sentiment alone is worth a meeting, right?

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