Don't-Sleep-On-'Em Mavs Donuts

Don't-Sleep-On-'Em Mavs Donuts reviewing our scoops on the Mavs' dealings with Aminu, Jameer, Rashard, Jefferson and Marion ... Plus good memories of Vince and what we believe will end up being good memories of this offseason. Donuts!

DONUT 1: Don't sleep ...

Richard Jefferson made his $1.4 mil deal official with the Dallas Mavericks this week, and while the signing went very much under the radar, we are at least a little ... intrigued.

It's a time of excitement around here (read Michael Dugat's piece, referenced and linked below to get caught up in it) and so maybe we're gullible.

Be we say don't sleep on RJ's role, as he's quite a bargain at that price and, depending on how the roster finally shakes out, could play a lot.

There is no argument that the vet with the sterling two-way credentials in New Jersey killed his reputation with the swing through San Antonio and the resulting bloated deal that just didn't work out. (See? The Spurs do make mistakes!)

Now he's under contract. Under-budget. And under the radar. For a team that right now looks like it could use some Vince-replacement scoring off the bench, Jefferson might not stay under the radar for long.


DONUT 2: How things change …

In the immediate aftermath of the Jefferson signing, we wrote and wondered:

Eric Griffin's deal has a lot of non-guaranteed money, but enough solid money ($150,000 guaranteed) to indicate they have him penciled in as one of their 15. (Our exclusive details on the Griffin contract here and more here.)

That left more to do, though.

A few days ago, Mavs fans wondered: Would they spend the room-MLE on Mo Williams or Ray Allen Jameer Nelson or or Shawn Marion? Would they leave an empty roster slot for the time being? Would they bring back Bernard James at the minimum, or add someone else at the minimum?

As of Monday it was not clear.

DONUT 3: Suddenly, clarity …

On July 18, we suggested that Dallas' room-MLE target should be Ray Allen. Yes, he just turned 39. Yes, he's LeBron's bestie. Yes, Miami wants him back, too.


But Premium Mavs readers were supplied with our reasoning then.

DONUT 4: And on Tuesday ...

We learned that Ray Allen was indeed Dallas' top target, according to NBA sources who told us the Mavs' Summer Shopping might stay "on hold'' (especially as it regarded Mo Williams and Jameer Nelson) until Allen made a decision about Dallas' proposal. ... which he may have just made with gossip about his desire to land in Cleveland.

DONUT 5: The missing person ...

There's the Mavs early-week whereabouts on Allen, Mo and Jameer. Did we leave out Shawn Marion? We did not. had the exclusive there, too.

It's a must-read, we think, on the mentality in that locker room and the relationship between Trix and his long-time Mavs bosses. "Why Don't The Mavs Re-Sign Marion: A Matter Of Pride,'' a Premium exclusive.

DONUT 6: Clown-nosing ...

Right around 2001, Mark Cuban's Lakers-aimed poking stick was at its pointiest. Nellie was donning a red clown nose. Phil Jackson was a 'Bucket Boy.' And to Cuban, L.A.'s financial gameplan was made up of 'Kobe and the Merry Minimums.''

But now look at what team is trying to contend with a similar dollars-and-sense structure? Details on the Mavs "Merry Minimums'' here.

Rashard Lewis can't be kept as a Merry Minimum? Fine. The Mavs void that deal and snap up Al-Farouq Aminu for a two-year minimum contract.

Good story on Aminu:

On July 1, when assorted Mavs officials made phone calls, Mark Cuban wanted Aminu, 23, on his call list. The Mavs think he's the best rebounding small forward in the NBA and always thought Rick Carlisle could put him in a defense-and-rebounding role. Cuban's call was made. Now, having slipped through three weeks of cracks, the deal is done. He will get a two-year minimum in Dallas worth about $2 mil total, with a Year 2 player option.

Next comes a Dallas visit today from Jameer Nelson. And those involved are optimistic about yet another done deal. The Mavs are offering him the $2.7 million room-MLE.

These two acquisitions would be the cappers on a successful offseason in which Dallas retained Dirk at a deep discount, kept Devin Harris, got Richard Jefferson at the minimum, stole Chandler Parsons from Houston and traded for center Tyson Chandler.

DONUT 7: Thanks to our partners! …

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DONUT 8: Welcome aboard! …

As has been the case for 14 seasons around here, we've got Mavs coverage coming all day and night with Stay tuned, and hang out on Boards as well for all the goods from inside the games, the practices and the front office ... through the playoff race and beyond!

DONUT 9: Underdog? ...

With all these Merry Minimums being collected, somebody has to get paid.

Welcome to Dallas, Chandler Parsons!

"Chandsome'' likes to refer to himself as an "underdog.'' About $46 mil later, can he still identify himself that way? analyzes it, coming this weekend.

DONUT 10: Vince for the HOF ...

Vince Carter leaves Dallas for Memphis (and a three-year, $12-mil contract that in total value was twice was Dallas would've ever offered) and with him goes perhaps the most polarizing Hall-of-Fame debate of his generation. The opinions are so varied that, despite arguably being one of the 16 most recognizable players of the past 16 years, the final seasons of his career may actually determine whether or not he is inducted into Springfield one day.

And his final seasons in Dallas help his case, as we argue in this HOF piece on Vince.


DONUT 11: Thanks for that offseason, Mavs! ...

Our Michael Dugat likes to wax poetic AND crunch advanced stats. He does both wonderfully here in this essay ... "Thanks, Mavs. We Needed That.''

DONUT 12: The Final Word …

Scour "> the Mavs' roster list and cap sheet here (a Premium Mavs feature). As you can see, the bottom half of the roster is minimum-salary players, along with the very affordable $2.7-mil guy in Jameer. Several of these will definitely be counted on to contribute. ... which is why we call them "The Merry Minimums'' ... which is why even in this self-acknowledged time of optimism we say ... don't sleep on 'em.

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