Mavs Source: 'We Won't Wait' = Parsons Offer

We noted on Wednesday afternoon a Dallas source telling, 'We won't wait to move,' and that the team 'planned to strike quickly in the coming hours.' Parsons gets the first crack with what a league source tells us is a three-year offer sheet as Dallas works to make sure its 'quick strike' isn't a strikeout:

There are a multitude of post-LeBron options and the Dallas Mavericks have already assigned a pecking order. Are they fully revealing of that order? No, and they shouldn't be; at this stage -- Summer Shopping with the move to signing time as of 11:01 p.m. Wednesday -- there is no benefit in letting the courted know of the pecking order.

What we do know, from a high-placed source, speaking exclusively to as the clock ticked toward 11:01:

"We aren't going to wait. We don't wait.''

Those remarks are relative because there does exist the LeBron Logjam. (Maybe a better way of saying it: "We won't wait after we're done waiting on LeBron.'') But putting that aside for a moment, we interpreted our source's comment to mean that Dallas is ready to push the Chandler Parsons envelope (and its three-day response-from-Houston window) while staying in flirtation mode with Trevor Ariza and Luol Deng, two small forwards on a similar second-tier plateau with Parsons.

And that's what's happened. has learned from a league source that Parsons has been issued a three year offer sheet. Yahoo reports that it is worth $43 million.

There are issues with Parsons, and indeed, there are flaws with all three obvious targets. To wit: Deng seems to be on the decline. Ariza is a bit of a contract whore. And Parsons may be beloved in part due to the fact that he's playing on a cheap rookie deal.

When it comes to "striking'' fast, the timetable says Parsons is very much in play here.

The hoops Dallas must leap through here are well-documented by But the Rockets have to do some leaping, too.

Houston's pursuit of Chris Bosh at a max deal ($20.644 mil to start) doesn't stop them from retaining Parsons. They could renounce their restricted-rights control over Parsons by withdrawing the Qualifying Offer, in which case they would retain his Bird rights but would no longer have the right to match.

If there is a prearranged wink-wink with Parsons in Houston, this is what will happen. He will then sign a new deal with the Rockets at whatever wage they agree upon. And that "wink'' will overwhelm Dallas' "strike.'' If the Rockets don't get Bosh, however, or if his indecision drags on and Parsons remains restricted, Dallas can load up on that four years and $63 million for him and maybe out-poker Houston.

Worth noting: While Houston might feel comfortable it has such an agreement in place, Dallas obviously believes it's not locked down ... otherwise, why would pursing Parsons be an option?

Meanwhile, if Houston is locked down on the Bosh and Parsons plan, why are the Rockets reportedly flirting with Deng?

As Dallas is done "waiting,'' other teams are ready to strike, too. If LeBron leaves Miami, Bosh may do the same. If Bosh goes to Houston, Parsons could get squeezed to Dallas. But if there is a Parsons pre-arrangement in Houston, and Miami is the Musical Chairs player needing a small forward, the Heat suddenly join the Ariza and Deng chase. Oh yeah, and Miami also probably joins Dallas in pursuing Parsons.

It's time for Dallas to strike. And to not strike out.

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