Mavs Greg Smith Donuts - Trade Official

With so much going on in MavsLand, do we think the little 'nothing' trade for big man Greg Smith merits a dozen quick Donuts? Why, yes we do!

So much going on with your Dallas Mavericks right now, and of course you can find here our in-depth coverage of it all here and watch it unfold in real time here on Boards. ... it's all there.

But we think the little "nothing'' trade for big man Greg Smith merits a dozen quick Donuts:

DONUT 1: He's 23 years old, 6-10, 250, and is best thought of purely a center.

DONUT 2: In 2012-13, his second year, he was the primary backup center for the Rockets behind Asik and played in 70 games, averaging about 16 mpg, with 6.0 ppg (62% shooting), 4.6 rpg, and was a 62.3% FT shooter. On a per-36-minutes basis those numbers translate to 14 pts and 11 rebs per game. He's a "defense and putbacks" type.

DONUT 3: My counterpart David Weiner who blogs for and saw his play as a Rocket, told me this when he heard the Mavs got him: "You'll like Greg Smith. Biggest hands I've ever seen. Can't shoot outside 5 feet, but an excellent finisher in the Pick-and-Roll."

DONUT 4: A great video here of one of his games ...

DONUT 4: He was squeezed out of any real role in Houston last season with the acquisition of Howard and the Rockets' inability to trade Asik, and was let go when he suffered a knee injury and Houston needed a roster spot late in the season to add a player that might help in the playoffs. The Bulls picked him up within a week, gave him a rest-of-season contract and a fully guaranteed minimum deal for another despite his inability at that time to play due to injury, and now the Mavs get him. So all his NBA play has been in Houston, and none in Chicago. (And lots in the D-League.)

DONUT 6: He will cost the Mavs the rights to Tadija Dragicevic, fitting with a Mavs source telling our Mike Fisher that they gave up "nothing'' in the deal.

DONUT 7: The Mavs don't have to trade-match either, because he is coming on a minimum salary.

DONUT 8: His contract ends in a year, is for the minimum salary, and he will be an unrestricted free agent at that time. But the Mavs will have Early Bird rights to help retain him if they wish.

DONUT 9: The Bulls are doing this because they needed to clear some cap space, apparently to sign Pau Gasol.

DONUT 10: The Mavs' intent should be to add him after the cap space is already spent, using a minimum salary exception. Accordingly, they'll sign and swap until their cap room is gone, then do the trade, so it's likely a few days before we actually see him formally become a Mav.

DONUT 11: They may also wait to do the trade for him until the amnesty-submission list closes on July 17 without there being a player they want to claim, or or until the amnesty award deadline passes on July 19. Teams with cap room are allowed to participate and make claims.

DONUT 12: Only two players in the entire NBA are considered to be at any potential risk of being submitted to the amnesty list this season, Carlos Boozer and Kendrick Perkins. The entire list of amnesty-eligible players this season is:

ATLANTA – Al Horford
BOSTON – Rajon Rondo
CHICAGO – Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah
MEMPHIS – Mike Conley, Zach Randolph
OKLAHOMA CITY – Nick Collison, Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins
SAN ANTONIO – Tony Parker

The Mavs tell us they are considering being in that Boozer mix. But first things first. And adding Smith is among the "first'' of many moves to come on this Sunday.

As always, will update day-and-night throughout this process.

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