Griffin Make The Mavs? The $150K Question

Wondering how (or if) Eric Griffin fits on the Mavs' regular-season roster? His contract offers a hint.

On Friday we brought you the Eric Griffin story and the crafty contract details on the summer-league standout.

Now some more information that hints to the faith the Mavs have in the development of the 6-8 stringbean forward.

We've learned that his three-year deal with Dallas contains $150,000 in guaranteed money the first season. While not a big amount in NBA-contract terms, it's certainly enough to hint that the Mavs expect they'll keep him when the season starts. At the same time, the lack of any guarantee in Years 2 and 3 does make it easy for them to go a different direction down the road, if he doesn't develop as they expect.

So, in six simple nuggets:

1. Griffin has $150,000 guaranteed in Year 1, and none in Years 2 and 3.

2. So essentially he's on a make-good deal.

3. If Mavs cut him in camp, or anytime until the time he's been paid 150K in salary (probably that will happen around Jan 1), he will end up getting 150K.

4. On Jan 10, if he hasn't been waived before then, the rest of this season is guaranteed.

5. 150K is prob enough money to indicate that the Mavs are thinking he's a solid bet to make the team - which of course can include being assigned to Frisco.

6. If he makes the team and lasts the year, the Mavs have him under contract for the next two seasons at the minimum, but there are no guarantees. That means that if they should need to (and want to), they could waive him for cap room in the summer of 2015 or 2016.

It's a win-win all around, Griffin getting the best chance at NBA security he's ever had, the Mavs getting a high-flying prospect and the chance to develop him ... while maintaining the flexibility just in case there is a better direction to go.

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